DED Approves a New Funeral Services License for Funeral Rites of Expats

Coppola Funeral Services launches recently in Dubai. This is the first company of its nature in the UAE and their custom defined license, that is first of its kind, has been facilitated through Red Berry Corporate Services. Red Berry Corporate Services is one of the leading business setup companies in Dubai that offer comprehensive business formation and trademark registration services to its clients.  Coppola Funeral Services under the care of Gulf Care has its operational office in Al Quoz Ind. 3. The company offers funeral services, repatriation of deceased body from Dubai and the UAE, Burial in the UAE, Cremation in the UAE and funeral consultancy services.

The formation of this company under a new type of license is a success milestone for Red Berry Corporate Services. The Director of Red Berry Corporate Services, Mr. Tariq Azeemi says, “The expats can get quality consultation services about repatriation and funeral process and procedures. Coppola is a company of its own kind and it has made the history as it offers elaborate funeral and repatriation of human remains services. Christian and Hindu communities can benefit from the company services easily too”.

 Since the 1980s, the UAE has been very focused on diversifying its economy (especially the emirate of Dubai), to reduce its reliance on the energy industry. Literally, UAE has become the hub for attracting international businesses opportunity across various sectors – from tourism to technology. According to Tariq Azeemi, “This newly made license for Coppola Funeral Services is an indicator that the UAE is open to innovation and it tailor makes business licenses for the need of the times. The flexibility in business formation offered by the UAE economy is highly encouraging for foreign investors form all fields and industries”. This new initiative will help the expatriate communities on the whole, majority of the UAE population spans on expatriates.

Funeral service would fill some important needs of the expatriate community who works in the country. It will also be a good support system for us, friends, family members, and the community. These are some of the services expatriates will get from the funeral services companies like Coppola Funeral Services:

  • They take care of all the paperwork formalities
  • Burial/cremation services (according to person’s religious rituals) 
  • Repatriation
  • Cremation or Burial (As per the religion)
  • Oversee the embalming process and transportation requirements
  • En coffining (with a choice of locally manufactured repatriation coffins)
  • Air cargo logistics and clearance at the destinations

The government of UAE facilitates the business ideas if it is beneficial to the community. This new license will encourage many entrepreneurs to set up a business in the UAE to fill the gap in the market. The government-led initiatives and programs will give many options for Entrepreneurs. The growing support network provided by these new initiatives will benefit the communities who are living and working in the UAE. It will attract more workforce as well as business in the UAE.