DeliverAI gets physical retail and F&B businesses e-commerce ready in 3 days

DeliverAI, a unique AI-enriched e-commerce solution has launched in Dubai, UAE – promising to get retail and F&B selling online within 72 hours. The innovative solution, brainchild of Italian entrepreneur Raffaele Tiberio, comes in direct response to B2C businesses unable to access clientele during COVID-19 restrictions.

DeliverAI is a rapid, integrated package. It cuts through the hassle of working with multiple partners to offer a single port of call for e-stores, payment gateways and delivery services.

Tiberio and his team have put together an integrated value chain that accelerates the move online in a matter of hours, not months. DeliverAI clients can be up and selling within three days, quickly finding new revenue channels to replace physical walk-ins that have been lost due to the pandemic.

“DeliverAI is a story of entrepreneurial resilience as much as it is one of innovation. Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing sombre stories of businesses suffering as an unprecedented pandemic cuts them off from physical customers. For us, it’s not just about creating something powerfully unique, but also saving industries and jobs. We genuinely want to help those brave entrepreneurs who’ve built businesses from scratch and have often sunk their lives into them,” said Tiberio.

DeliverAI operates as a Software As a Service (SaaS) solution, but crucially does not end there. The DeliverAI team are intent on creating a full ecosystem around the software with a network of partners that includes local banks, telecom providers, delivery fleets and logistics experts. The team also offers access to web and app developers, fulfilment partners and payment gateways.

“DeliverAI is more a service than a software. We’re disrupting the old pattern of complex integrations and expensive software requiring extensive configuration. The bottom line is to get goods to customers, and money into business bank accounts, as fast as possible to mitigate the pain SMEs are feeling,” Tiberio explained.

The solution is omnichannel – hyper-accelerating a pivot to online selling across multiple social and messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

“SMEs have tight budgets these days, but that doesn’t mean they can do without quality. We’re offering high-quality products that match the biggest e-commerce players in the market, and putting them directly in the hands of SMEs. We also support them throughout their journey, with aftersales support, troubleshooting and anything else they might require — from AI-enriched customer relationship management to streamlined last-mile delivery,” said Tiberio.

Importantly, SME clients get collect and keep their own customer data, creating long-lasting relationships with them that increase the lifetime value of their customers. Other points of differentiation include AI-enabled consumer analytics that suggest activations and initiatives, and powerful insights to tailor outreach campaigns. The platform also unlocks deep insights to optimise business decisions by deciphering consumer behaviour.

Even when COVID-19 is no longer a pressing concern, Tiberio sees DeliverAI accelerate much-needed digital transformations for SMEs across the region. “SMEs represent over 70% of the region’s GDP, for example, but only 4% of these SMEs in the Mena region have a plan for digital transformation. They need attention, support and easy-to-follow digital roadmaps given their importance as the main driver of economic growth,” he concluded.