F@ST: Equipping Millennials and GenZs with Essential Personal Finance Skills

A unique simulation-based program ‘F@ST’ is launched in Dubai with a focus on equipping Millennials and GenZ’s with personal finance skills.  The Financial Awareness Simulation Training (“F@ST”) is curated specifically for the new generation to help them take financially responsible decisions, learn to make   informed personal finance choices and develop positive money habits.

Focused on equipping Millennials and GenZ’s with knowledge and universal key skills in financial literacy, F@ST imparts these concepts in a fun, interactive and practical fashion through a real-life simulation.  The program is aimed at teaching the new generation to manage their personal financial affairs through various life stages, build greater resilience and equip them to take key life decisions.

The F@ST program is completely online, delivered via ZOOM and on the G-Suite applications platform. The participants access the program from their personal laptops over the internet, with an interactive and front row view of the interface. Modules are spread across two days and 6 enriching facilitated sessions, simulating the financial journey of a family over a 15-year period and encouraging constructive debates and discussions between participants around the four pillars of personal finance – household budgets, long term goals, asset allocation and managing uncertainties.

Commenting on the launch, Vijay Srivastava, Co-founder, F@ST said, “Everyday decisions made by the younger generation on their spending, saving, growth and retirement planning are all directly dependent on their financial awareness. This makes Financial Literacy a crucial life skill. Young adults are under prepared for life outside the comfort of their homes, at university and beyond due to critically low levels of awareness. A unique teaching methodology, F@ST is an effort to invest in the future for the future generations as they learn to build a positive outlook towards taking the right financial decisions.”

“With the unprecedented uncertainty the world is going through, it becomes even more important for young people to plan their financial future carefully and equip themselves with knowledge to have better control on their finances through different life stages.” he added.

F@ST has already benefitted many young adults in the UAE and India. F@ST modules are already adopted by schools such as The Millennium School and Our Own English High School (OOEHS) in Dubai. With a clear focus on addressing the critically low levels of financial literacy, F@ST is creating interest and growing financial knowledge among young adults, encouraging positive personal finance habits. 

Sharing the experience of using F@ST modules for their students, Ms. Ambika Gulati, Principal, The Millennium School said, “Financial and business literacy are core of 21st Century themes that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has identified for our young adults to engage with. The F@ST Online program provided the students at The Millennium School the right inputs towards this engagement. Our students have found it very relevant, informative and engaging. We look forward to our future batches of students undertaking the program.”