iCubesWire Announces Partnership with dubizzle as their Influencer Marketing Partner

iCubesWire, a leading Ad Tech platform, has announced its partnership with dubizzle, the UAE’s premier classifieds platform. 

This partnership will highlight the omnipresence of dubizzle across various consumer groups through the stories of renowned influencers, seamlessly bringing the brand closer to their audience in the UAE.

The collaboration will focus on harnessing the vast network of influencers in the region, curated and managed by iCubesWire. With iCubesWire’s deep understanding of the local market and its audience, the partnership promises to deliver authentic, engaging, and impactful campaigns, amplifying reach and engagement on the dubizzle platform.

Commenting on the partnership, Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire, said, “This collaboration with dubizzle is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital marketing. By integrating our cutting-edge Influencer Marketing Solutions with dubizzle’s expansive reach, we’re poised to create unparalleled experiences for dubizzle and its consumers alike.”