The Middle East showcase at Expo 2020 Dubai

Plant the seeds for the future as you embark on a journey of a lifetime. Be our guest as Dubai welcomes the world to a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Under the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, game-changing innovations and ideas by the world’s brightest minds will change our future as we know it. Be there as history is written. Discover ideas and innovations that will shape and improve the future of the people and planet. Reimagine a better future, discover life-changing innovations and explore everything we can be, every day for six months. Showcasing real solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, The Global Best Practice Programme highlights projects from around the world that have provided impactful and sustainable interventions, with a view to expanding them elsewhere.


Focusing on density as an enabler of opportunities

Following its award-winning pavilion at the 2015 Expo Milan, the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities the Kingdom of Bahrain is also participating in Expo 2020 Dubai, the first World Expo take place in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. Expo 2020 Dubai is the perfect opportunity to highlight the successes and developments in the Arab world, with Bahrain playing an important role towards these achievements. The overarching theme of Expo 2020 Dubai is “Connyecting Minds, Creating the Future”, which will be explored through three sub-themes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. 

The Kingdom of Bahrain Pavilion will focus on the theme of “Density” as an enabler of opportunities, an intricate exploration of the dense natural and urban compositions of Bahrain. Bahrain’s relatively small geography has defined its development throughout the ages and the pavilion will showcase the way in which scarcity of land has naturally led to density in its development. This specific regional attribute of density has obliged the Islands to constantly reinvent themselves on the limited land available, and by doing so garnered a mentality of trade, entrepreneurship and innovation, that represents one of the country’s biggest strengths and distinctiveness.

Location: Opportunity Pavilion


An inspiring Saudi vision for a shared future

The Saudi Pavilion offers a glimpse into our shared future, taking you on a journey through our ambitions across four main pillars: people, nature, heritage and opportunities. Their participation at Expo 2020 Dubai revolves around creating a thought-provoking and memorable journey which invites global audiences to experience the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for themselves.

The combination of a young, ambitious population, rich cultures steeped in heritage, natural wonders and a rapidly diversifying economy, makes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia an exciting prospect for anyone with an adventurous spirit.

All success stories start with a vision and successful visions are based on strong pillars” H.R.H Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Location: Opportunity District


An ambitious gateway to the future

Kuwait is committed to sustainable development to deliver a secure and prosperous future for its economy, environment, cities and people. showcasing ‘The Spring of Life’ – an architectural feature inspired by Kuwait’s vision for sustainability and ‘The Envelope’ – a façade that shimmers and reflects sunlight, embodying Kuwait’s nature and energy visitors can also indulge in authentic Kuwaiti dishes rich with flavour, aromas and spices.

Location: Sustainability District


An enchanting experience inspired by frankincense

The Oman Pavilion in Expo 2020 titled ‘Generations of Opportunity’ is based on storytelling of Luban and its life cycle. Each part of the life cycle allows us to explore opportunity through the themes of growth, harvest, trade and use. Oman Pavilion Expo 2020 draws inspiration from local Omani nature that represents opportunity, with the main source of inspiration being the Luban Tree. That references the long trade history linked to the Luban tree and frankincense that spanned centuries, and the opportunity it represents to this day as a unique natural element and local product. The structure is made up of ground floor, first and second floors, with a BUA of about 2,200 sqm. The form is inspired from the Luban tree itself. The low shade-giving branches of the tree are recalled in the organic asymmetrical flowing form of the building. The structure is also characterized with the fact that it can be dismantled to be transported back to the Sultanate.

Location: Mobility District


Explore Egypt’s past, present and vision for the future

A land of opportunities and prosperity, uncover the story of Egyptians and our past/present achievements. The pavilion of Egypt will be the output of the joint work between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade as the capabilities of the country in those realms will be displayed.

Embark on a new era of opportunities and celebrate a vision of a prosperous future for tourism, infrastructure, education and more.

Location: Opportunity Pavilion


The ability to invent and innovate against all odds

Go on an exciting journey full of contrasts to a country where modernity meets tradition, high-tech meets sensuality and a young, agile society meets the cradle of culture. Walk along a winding 30-meter-long path and experience the sounds and smells of Jordan or enjoy a poetic spatial installation that weaves architecture and media art.