UAE’s Leading Multi-family Office Steps Into 10th Year of Successful Operation

Established in 2012, Xanara is stepping into the 10th year of successful operations as a leading multi-family office in the UAE. With unhindered transparency at its core, Xanara has established itself as one of the most trusted wealth management companies in the region.

Xanara grew out of the cataclysmic shift in private banking after the global financial crisis of 2008, founded around creation and preservation of clients’ wealth against uncertainties. As the quintessential wealth advisory firm, Xanara helps clients navigate through the complexities of wealth, drawing significant returns on investments.

Jyoti Keshavan, the Founder & CEO at Xanara, is successfully leading a team of seasoned wealth and investment advisors. As a fourth-generation expat (and one of the few women in an otherwise male-dominated industry), Jyoti has come a long way from home with a wealth of experience spanning decades in private banking and wealth management, laying strong foundations for Xanara.

“I never felt like an outsider,” Jyoti says, “I always felt that one has to like what he/she does, needs to wake up looking forward to another bright day and take an individual forward, agnostic to colour, creed, gender or ethnicity.” This individual-centric approach reflects in Xanara’s 50-50 employee ratio of men and women from different socio-ethnic backgrounds.

Xanara is committed to serving clients with the same fervour. They forge relationships through empathy, integrity, reliability, and intuition while serving the best interests of every individual with competence, resilience, and innovation.

Xanara intends to disrupt how wealth management is perceived by offering transparent, trusted advice in investments, wealth succession, and philanthropy. Even when COVID-19 brought the global economy to a standstill in 2020, Xanara ensured minimal risk for clients against unfavourable market dynamics.

And now, Xanara looks at growing across continents while strengthening roots in the UAE.

About Xanara

Xanara is UAE’s leading multi-family office serving global clients offering bespoke and sustainable advisory and management services. Their team of advisors have a nuanced understanding of the financial markets and in-depth knowledge of revenue streams that ensure unprecedented growth of clients’ portfolios.

Xanara is regulated by the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority in Abu Dhabi and by the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius.