Zain Bahrain takes a holistic approach to employee well-being through a robust suite of Wellness Programs

Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications operator in the Kingdom, introduced a suite of holistic well-being programs as part of its zWellness initiative focused on four pillars Mental, Physical, Social, and Spiritual well-being of its employees. The company is proud to take the lead in taking care of the health and safety of its employees and works closely with numerous Bahraini organizations and experts to develop programs based on the four pillars that drive employee productivity, engagement, and retention. The well-being program is a way to give back to its employees and contribute to their overall wellbeing, especially during the pandemic, making Zain Bahrain a safe and happy place to work in.

Zain Bahrain has implemented numerous wellness development programs under the initiative this year in Quarter 1 in collaboration with technology start-ups and healthcare companies to reward its employees and as a key element of its well-being strategy. The initiative included a range of programs aimed at not only protecting employee health but actively boosting performance as well as social, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Zain Bahrain organized a 3 month program titled, ‘Health, Happiness Well-being’ with Dr. Majdy Obaid involving 53 participants, tackling topics such as health and happiness and based on the pillars of ‘Mental and Spiritual’ wellbeing. The company also arranges regular blood check-ups and BMI checks for its employees ensuring that they always maintain good physical health.

Zain Bahrain focuses not only on using the workplace to support well-being but also on developing policies and approaches that embed well-being into its culture. The company also recognizes that technology has a vital role to play in keeping employees healthy and hence collaborated with Hayatech application to develop a challenge for its employees to walk 3 million steps in 3 days.  Zain Bahrain promised to donate BD 1 for every 1000 Steps to individuals with special needs raised through this initiative.  Such programs not only take care of the physical well-being but is associated with a social and spiritual cause which ignites a passion for them to do more. A similar 16-day challenge in collaboration with Hayatech, introduced Zainers to keeping in mind the ‘Physical and Social’ pillars of well-being. The employees had 16 days to walk as far as they could to “figuratively” reach countries and were able to achieve a total of 8.5 million steps. Apart from the above initiatives, Zain Bahrain also invited Dr. Hooreya from the Bahrain Society for Training and Development (BSTD) to deliver a talk for a Women’s day event. The company also took care of all its employees’ families and arranged a socializing event in the parking area to celebrate the family day with competitions and gifts. These key initiatives undertaken by Zain Bahrain not only showcase its commitment and responsibility towards its employees but also highlight the belief that healthy employees are happier, perform better, and are less absent from work.

Commenting on the company’s wellness programs, Mrs. Rana Al Majed, Acting Director, Human Resources at Zain Bahrain, said, “Employees are the main asset of an organization and we always strive to take care of them. This is our key differentiation in the market and helps us stand out from any other organization in Bahrain, in the telecom industry or otherwise. As a result of the impact of the pandemic, we grouped our efforts and focused on well-being as an initiative to help employees overcome any challenges or stress during this time while maintaining their mental, physical, spiritual and social health. Well-being is the new bottom line in the organization and the health of the business relies on the health of our people.”

Zain Bahrain will continue to take the holistic approach to employee wellness through the four pillars of well-being that foster a healthy, happy, and productive culture at the workplace.