How To Innovate Using Design Thinking

Organizations are constantly on the look out for ways to grow and stay ahead of the competition. The ones that succeed will have fostered a culture of innovation where creativity and disruptive thinking can thrive. A recent poll by Bayt.com of over 6,000 professionals in the MENA region revealed that 89% believe creative thinking is


Top 10 Most Popular Digital Magazine Articles of 2021 (so far!)

As we head into June, we’re turning our attention to the top 10 magazine articles in 2021(so far!) as chosen by you, our readers. From our launch issue in March 2021 to our last published magazine in May, we have had a fantastic response and our readership has grown more than 1000%! From taking the leap


Expand Your Business Brand Through Your Personal Brand

In the Middle East, the idea of having your personal name directly attached to your business brand is a fairly new concept. Most entrepreneurs in the business world already understand the significance of being recognized in the industry and how it strengthens their market, presence and revenue. How often you present and describe yourself will


Establishing Yourself As A Trainer

The Middle East is as a melting pot for a wide variety of cultures and nationalities who call the Middle East home. As a result, the competition for those key positions in the corporate arena has been relatively strong – the training arena being no exception. Initially it was believed that to be a Trainer


From VHS Tapes To The Cloud

THE BIG BANG OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY The evolution of eLearning over the past few decades has been anything but gradual. The contemporary explosion of information and communication technology has directly affected the process of learning across classrooms in the academic and corporate sectors. From the VHS tape to the current day educational clouds, technology has


Key Communications Of A Trainer

When you traditionally talk about communication in the learning & development space, thoughts of the fundamentals skills of learning delivery are brought to the front of the mind. Interpersonal concepts such as voice tone, body language NLP meta models, influencing and questioning skills. Or you may think of the way we communicate through delivery tools