11 Steps To Successful Leadership

“I am the best leader in the world….better than the rest!” The world is filled with leaders. Or it seems. Leaders, who admit to themselves and the whole world that they are born this way. That they are the leader everyone aspires to be. I know why you are thinking you can’t be like them.


Chosen Media Partner For The Future Innovation Summit Dubai 2021

We are chosen media partners for the Future Innovation Summit 2021. The two-day conference on 13-14 October 2021 will be taking place at The InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City. The event, aimed to discuss the future economy, brings together UAE key decision-makers from DHA, KHDA, Ministry of Energy, DCA, Dubai Municipality, DLD, Smart Dubai Government,


14 Video Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Sales And Business

1) Creating a good corporate video, with uplifting music and basic information is a must for any business or service, regardless of its nature… Period. So don’t wait, have one made. 2) Once a general video about  is completed, a series of smaller videos relating to more specific services and features of your product should be made,


Ecommerce: The Sky Is The Limit

From the garage of a small home started a journey with the crystallization of an idea in the mind of a 30-year-old American young man. At the time, his capital amounted to zero. Added to that, he was not optimistic about the success of his idea. In 1995, he worked for a company that operates


Moderating Technology Within HR Related Functions

THE DILEMMA The meeting room buzzed with sounds of feverish optimism. Recently purchased software to streamline the HR-related functions within the organization was yielding positive results. Everyone grew quiet as the CEO entered the room with the HR Director to address other members of the senior management. The solemn expression on his face foretold the


Empathy Across All Borders

Building a global business requires global customers. This is an elementary concept and simply stated. Communication and connection to customers across borders is something that is best fitted for those that understand the importance of empathy in actions. Those in other countries may think differently in many of the ideas and concepts you find normal.