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Day In The Life Of: Amjad Bin Sharooj, Dubai Smart Gov

Day In The Life Of: Amjad Bin Sharooj, Dubai Smart Gov

Tell Us More About Your Background? In high school my focus was on technology and in 1997, the emerging trend was information technology. Alongside technology, I also enjoyed training. After high school, I started working in a technical support role but found it was not the right career for me. So, I returned to studying

Guerrilla Marketing Principles

The term ‘guerrilla marketing’ was first introduced by Jay Conrad Levinson when he wrote a book on this topic and named it ‘Guerrilla Marketing’. It went on to become an international bestseller, with sales of over 20 million copies worldwide. Since then, the term has become widely popular and has been used in many text

To Train Thyself Know Thyself

From Socrates to Benjamin Franklin, the wisdom contained within the simple maxim, ’Know Thyself,’ a phrase derived from the Ancient Greeks contains wisdom still relevant today. Discovering what your strengths are and acquiring the knowledge necessary to realize your career potential, whatever that path may be, is perhaps one of the most important career insights

Case Study: Realigning Culture

Tell Us Your Name and What You Currently Do? My name Is Paula Jane Cox, I am a Learning and Development consultant, based in the UAE, working across all GCC countries and Arab states. Tell Us More About Your Background? My Initial career was in Sales, with a great foundation and training from Yellow Pages,

Thought Leader Interview: David Allen

Tell Us More About What You Do? I am a management consultant, executive coach and trainer. Over the last thirty years I have researched and developed a methodology of best practices for staying clear, in control, and focused amidst multiple priorities, and the avalanche of information and input that accompanies the rapid changes in the

Company Spotlight: Wilson Learning

Stephen Melcior is the Managing Director at Wilson Learning Middle East. Tell Us More About Wilson Learning ME? I set up Wilson Learning in the region in 2008 together with a partner who has been working in Wilson Learning for more than 20 years and who is based in Johannesburg. After the initial phase of

The Art Of Doing The Right Things

The great management guru, Peter Drucker, once said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” To be effective, leaders must discern what they should spend their time doing, say no to the unnecessary, and delegate or outsource the things that don’t require their direct attention. Everyday, we hear from small business

Case Study: Implementing Training Evaluation

About 4 years ago I was tasked with implementing training evaluation into the organisation I was working with. The training teams (and there are many in this organisation!) would be quite content to use “happy sheets” and knowledge tests as evaluations of training however, when the question “how do you demonstrate your value?” was asked

A Day In The Life Of: Marius Ciavola, CEO at Tradeling

Tell Us About Your Background. Born and raised in Malta,  moved to Dubai in 2010 to join, a tech start up company which eventually was acquired by I hold a Diploma in e-commerce. At, I grew the operations from the ground up and set up 3 generations of fulfilment centres in 5