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Expand Your Business Brand Through Your Personal Brand

Expand Your Business Brand Through Your Personal Brand

In the Middle East, the idea of having your personal name directly attached to your business brand is a fairly new concept. Most entrepreneurs in the business world already understand the significance of being recognized in the industry and how it strengthens their market, presence and revenue. How often you present and describe yourself will

Why Smart Marketing Still Needs Simple Storytelling

One of the best pieces of advice that I ever received when looking for start-up investment was, ‘Don’t distract the pitch with more than one product’. When it comes to getting your marketing right as an entrepreneur, the same principle applies, and here’s why… CLICK HERE NOW TO READ THE REST OF THIS EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE

Should You Have A Sales & Marketing Department?

It is common practice for companies to have marketing and sales departments, but it amazes me how the marketing function and department is considered less major to sales and often is combined with a sister department. Some consider the amalgamation a logistics-related cost strategy. While this may be true in some regard, aren’t we unconsciously

Content Marketing Trends For 2021

You can build consumer trust with a content marketing strategy. All content is aimed not so much at presenting a product or service in a favorable light, but at providing useful information. This is the constant generation of content that is relevant and interesting to users. Unfortunately, business leaders do not always understand that the

What Business Are We In?

Answer these two questions well and watch as success unfolds. Sounds easy, but it is the one basic that is not covered effectively by a large part of the busines community. It is the holy grail for providing value and igniting innovation. Many companies have evolved over the years. We are not talking about that.

How to Create Content for Impact & Results

Telling your story in person immediately engages. Does your online and written content communicate with the same heart and purpose? Great content is an asset; it connects you and your customers, and is one of the most important things you can do to attract and create interest in your company. How well are you communicating with your community? From

CX For Financial Instutions

What is CX? CX (or Customer eXperience) is how your company meets (or not) a consumer’s expectations from each interaction between them and your company . It’s also worth mentioning that CX includes each and every customer contact with your employees, your product and services, and how they are delivered. CX has a quantifiable value

The ROI of Referrals

Does your company do some sort of digital advertising? It’s like magic, right? Ad targeting has become so specific that you can search out and show up in front of your ideal customer in any corner of the globe. But what happens when you stop putting money into your lead generation machine? Or, what happens