Genia Xasis

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With a Ph.D. in biochemistry, Genia Xasis spent 13 years in scientific research, striving to find a cure for Parkinson's disease. Her transition from science to technology and business led her to establish a tech recruitment company that quickly rose to prominence through AI-focused hackathons and partnerships with tech giants such as Google, Phillips, and Microsoft. It has expanded across Eastern Europe, the USA, and the UAE. In 2019, AiHub became Google community partner and Genia became one of Top 60 influencers who support the growth of AI in Eastern Europe. After relocating from California to the UAE, Genia started assisting seed and Series A companies in raising capital. She is an angel investor focusing on pre-seed, female-led companies with an emphasis on impact and AI. Her commitment extends to empowering female founders, evidenced by her founding of Berkana.VC, a global community designed to enhance gender diversity in VC and tech.