Case Study: The Art of Cultivating Cross-Cultural Beauty Brands in the Middle East

The beauty industry, a vibrant fusion of culture and commerce, stands at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. As a co-founder of FC Beauty, my journey in introducing Korean beauty brands to the Middle Eastern market has been an enlightening experience in blending diverse beauty cultures. This case study delves into the strategies and insights […]

Company Spotlight: The Wellbeing Sanctuary

Sarmistha Mitra is Founder and CEO of The Wellbeing Sanctuary, a haven dedicated to guiding individuals on transformative journeys towards wellbeing. The center provides an array of holistic healing approaches to restore equilibrium on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels, fostering optimal health through natural means. After entering a new phase of life as a mother […]

Case Study: Cluster-based Learning Plans

Implementation of Cluster-based Learning Plans in a Lighting Equipment Manufacturing company. Background: The organization being referred to is a large manufacturer of electronic products for the lighting industry. Started in the early 1990s, the company has scaled and diversified very quickly, especially in the last decade. With a workforce of about 5000 spread across multiple […]

How to deliver Strategic Imperatives ‘beyond digital’ thought

In the roughly 30 years since the first commercial internet browser was created, “being digital” has become the mantra for business survival. Digital efforts have been proliferating greatly as companies work to catch up with technological innovation—and COVID-19 massively accelerated the pace. Yet, despite having put so much energy and investment into digitizing, most companies […]

Case Study: 27K unique conversions every day: Here’s how travel brand Wego achieved a remarkable feat

Customer engagement and retention specialist WebEngage has released a case study, shedding light on strategies and technologies that enabled the global travel marketplace Wego to achieve an outstanding conversion rate. Wego has registered a 20X increase in email open rates and 27,000 unique conversions every day. These figures have significant implications for the travel industry, […]