Case Study: Implementing Training Evaluation

About 4 years ago I was tasked with implementing training evaluation into the organisation I was working with. The training teams (and there are many in this organisation!) would be quite content to use “happy sheets” and knowledge tests as evaluations of training however, when the question “how do you demonstrate your value?” was asked

Case Study: Identifying New Trends in Employee Development

I need not to rehash for you the sufficiently chronicled history of employee development and management over the years and in pens far more articulately eloquent than mine. We believe that organizations are witnessing now more than ever a fast-paced, ever-changing reality increasingly nostalgic for precise and focused learning and development solutions. We have experienced

Case Study: Organizational Development

euphoria Consulting (euphcon) is a Dubai based strategic consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation and executive coaching. We asked the CEO and Organizational Change and Development Consultant Ashish Patel to discuss an Organisational Development Consultant Partnership which he implemented for Business Transformation in a company facing a crisis. Ashish Patel: As an Organizational Change and

Case Study: Employee Value Proposition

Henry Fares, Vice President of Human Resources, DHL Express Middle East and North Africa 1. Tell us about your background? Upon completion of my MBA degree I worked for 4 years in sales and marketing; yet, my continuous education focused on subjects such as organizational behaviour and industrial psychology. Observing successful professionals made me notice

Case Study: Mindset – Bending Reality

Tell Us Your Name and What You Currently Do? I’m Victoria Song, and I’m a Leadership Advisor to successful founders and CEOs of the fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley and celebrities with power, platform and influence. I’m also the author of the new book, Bending Reality: How to Make the Impossible Probable which

Case Study: Adult Learning

Tell US Your Name and What You Currently Do? Allan Gardner, MHRM, PHR, HRMP, CAHRI, HR Expert Trainer, Certification Instructor, Adjunct Professor HR MBA Business Programs for Chifley Business School of Australia and Adjunct MBA Professor of HR business programs. What Is Your Specialist Skill? With over 35 years of experience in the Human Resources