Alefiyah Johar

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Alefiyah Johar, a co-founder of FC Beauty, has successfully led the charge in bringing renowned Korean beauty brands to the Middle East. As a partner at Fakhree Al Hindi group of companies, a powerhouse in the industry for over half a century, Alefiyah has spearheaded the successful foray of four Korean cosmetic brands, namely Missha, A’pieu, CLE, RECLAR, while also developing FC Beauty, an in-house brand. Under her leadership, these brands have now become available in over 200 stores across the Middle East, including major retailers such as Watsons and Namshi. Alefiyah's success is not limited to her role in the company as she also contributes to the beauty industry as a professional makeup artist, having worked backstage in numerous fashion shows. As an avid skincare enthusiast, Alefiyah spends her spare time researching different skincare ingredients and methods to make skincare more effective and accessible to everyone. Her dedication to the beauty industry and passion for skincare is an inspiration to all aspiring professionals.