From VHS Tapes To The Cloud

From VHS Tapes To The Cloud

THE BIG BANG OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY The evolution of eLearning over the past few decades has been anything but gradual. The contemporary explosion of information and communication technology has directly affected the process of learning across classrooms in the academic and corporate sectors. From the VHS tape to the current day educational clouds, technology has

E-Learning: Better Training?

Training is expensive, and learning can be difficult to measure. But we need learning in order to move the organization and its people forward, and we need sustainable (preferably growing!) income to pay for the appropriate training. So, is there a cost-effective way of training that can show measurable results, quickly? The supporters of eLearning

A Slice of LIME with Online Learning

Love or hate online learning (E-learning) it has been here longer than you think. It will certainly never completely replace the social interaction of face-to-face learning, yet it does have numerous advantages. Many organizations and individuals get consumed with the idea that online learning is the only way to learn. The fact of the matter

Resistance to Change – The Triple E Strategy

New developments in educational technology and increasingly sophisticated learning technologies are beginning to have a major impact on multi-national organizations. It is clear that local organizations need to change to accommodate the impact of technology on learning. Learning Technology has a main challenge which is “resistance to change”. While technology brings change, individuals and societies

eLearning – A Panacea for Adult Learning Needs?

In many ways, technology advances in the training field have revolutionized the methodology of creating, presenting and evaluating training and development programs. Online learning offers many benefits to both employers and employees, considering factors such as cost, time, convenience, accessibility, and subject matter variety, and enables both a simple delivery system coupled with unfettered geographic

LMS For Talent Management

With the summit of Expo 2020 visible in the horizon of Dubai, the peak can be scaled only by talented manpower that would imbibe the spirit of its vision into its core. The success of the event is directly dependent on acquiring, developing, sustaining and rewarding the talent that is required. The global expanse of

The Case for Technology-Mediated Immersive Learning Programs

Learning and development is too often a discipline relegated to the back burner of organizational priorities. As a result, many organizations still rely on an outdated programming model: one-off sessions that are face-to-face, instructor-led, content-heavy and low technology. There are several issues with the ‘traditional’ model of learning delivery. Firstly, a one-time session rarely is

Five Ways to Stand Out in your Virtual Meetings

By now, most of us are quite comfortable using virtual meeting platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. While these are great tools for connecting with people remotely, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to stay engaged throughout these virtual interactions. When we can’t clearly see or hear the person we’re “connecting” with, this virtual experience

5 ways Technology and Business can go hand in hand

Can you imagine a day without technology? I surely can’t. The jaw-dropping development of technology has evolved companies to understand the insights of the market, latest trends and to boost customer base in the business environment. Do you remember pre-internet times when accessing information or communicating with customers was so resilient? According to EDF’s second