Why Ecommerce Is A Must

Why Ecommerce Is A Must

Covid19 happened and significantly turned 2021 to 2041ish. Expectation for the year that followed 2020 vanished into thin air, replaced with activities and ideology of latter years. Jobs were lost, businesses still face high probability of closure and global economies are faced with fear of the unknown – unlike anything the world has ever known.

The Rise Of Ecommerce In The GCC

“E-commerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it is the new cake!” With a tax-free regime, high investment climate, growing economy and high spending urban populace, it is no wonder that Middle East has become the epicentre of all things – Ecommerce! The emergence of the new middle class, Gen Y and western influence has

Creating Engaging Study Opportunities for Learners Using Quizlet

Learning knowledge based terms and definitions can be a difficult task. Instructors often struggle to find ways to make learning the content outside of the classroom engaging. Students often struggle to find ways to stay focused on the content. Traditional methods are often low or no-technology, such as reading, highlighting, and basic flash cards. Enter

Training Tip: Technology for Trainers

Do you use technology as part of your course delivery technique? Here are some fun ways to incorporate technology into your next training session: Google Docs – Collect pre-course information and end course evaluation. TrainedOn – Ditch the outdated Excel spreadsheet and prepare your training plan on The site offers a flexible and dynamic

The Advancement of E-books: Opportunities for Organizational Learning

Reading has been a staple of learning for countless generations. Reading opens the door to new ideas and perspectives, from people past and present and it invites us to think critically about life and the world around us. We read fiction and non-fiction. We read books, magazines, and newspapers. We read for work, for school,

Get The Advantage: Overcoming The Negative Aspects Of An Online Education

Any individual that has researched online education or training will no doubt be well aware of the possible disadvantages that choosing an online degree or training course holds over choosing to learn in an academic or technical institution. The majority of resources available will highlight the problems so everyone considering an online course will be