How To Innovate Using Design Thinking

How To Innovate Using Design Thinking

Organizations are constantly on the look out for ways to grow and stay ahead of the competition. The ones that succeed will have fostered a culture of innovation where creativity and disruptive thinking can thrive. A recent poll by Bayt.com of over 6,000 professionals in the MENA region revealed that 89% believe creative thinking is

Essential Traits of a Leader

Leadership is one of those things which is easy to identify, but at the same time hard to define. Or perhaps, it is not so easy to identify, but it is easy to feel. There’s no denying that leadership is rooted in the characteristics of the leader. Also, interestingly, the manifestation of such traits may

Developing Tomorrows Business Leaders

Every technological revolution has forced a shift in the leadership skill set, but the dramatic shift that we are experiencing today, thanks to a global pandemic, is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Business leaders have had to make some hard and fast decisions and lead organizations under extraordinary circumstances. With many companies going remote during

The Art Of Leadership

As leaders and people managers, we have to be excellent at finding, hiring, developing and retaining top talent. Simultaneously, we have to have great strategic thinking, organizational design, manage operational issuesm perceptions and complex matrices of relationships. It’s an often thankless, unenviable task that makes us question why we tried so hard to get there

Through The Looking Glass

A leader’s biggest journey is the one within. With power abound and the temptation that comes with it, how do you continue to remain competent, vulnerable, generous, and happy in an exceedingly superficial world?  Dr. Ramesh Ramachandran former CEO and leader details his learnings along the way.  The old saying goes, “Opportunity may knock only

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Lessons From A Global NOMAD

Whether they’re planning to tackle pressing global issues, improving human health or pushing the boundaries of the capabilities of technology, the leaders of tomorrow will be moulded by the leaders of today. In today’s global environment of ever-changing trends and perceived instability, it is the responsibility of today’s leaders to instil inherent guiding principles that

Develop The Leader Inside You!

Yeah, right. You think leadership is important. I know because you are reading this article. First, get the crap out of the way. Crap means ‘leadership’ stuff that doesn’t work. It’s out there – cloaked as a book, blog, course or article (including this one, you ask?). Dov Frohman says, “I am skeptical these will

The Visionary and Missionary Leader

United Arab Emirates recently celebrated a successful mission to planet Mars. Seeing what the leadership of UAE has achieved with desert to mega-city transformation of their country gives us an idea of what is to follow in the UAE’s extra-terrestrial endeavour. It is common practice for this young country to attribute this mission – a

Leadership In Modern Business

There is no commonly agreed definition for leadership, but a suggested one is: the capacity to establish direction, to influence and align others towards a common goal, to motivate and commit others to action, and to encourage them to feel responsible for and committed to their contribution to the organisation. Good leadership is vital for