9 Super-Powers that Leaders must have in 2022 to Drive Change in their Organizations

Many organizations are today onboarded on transformation programs: changing their business model, digitalizing processes, or simply building a new corporate culture. The challenge for many leaders is that change doesn’t come easily – the biology of our brain makes it difficult to react positively to change and often we start procrastinating, having lower mental capacity […]

Mentoring Women To Succeed

There is no doubt that companies that embrace gender diversity benefit greatly in terms of organizational effectiveness. Particularly, over the past few years, there has been much talk about gender diversity, pay equity and the lack of women in executive and leadership roles. However, women continue to hit the “glass ceiling” or drop off the […]

Female Leadership: The Expectations, Challenges & How To Stay True To Your Authentic Leadership Style

Women are spending unnecessary hours and efforts to not fall under the category of “too assertive” or “difficult” and yet perform as a leader. They are expected to bring the right amount of feminine qualities of nurturing and yet are often dismissed for being too soft when they lead by nurturing. To add further woes, […]