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Top 5 Revenue-Focused Reasons Why a Sales Funnel Catalyzes Business Growth

Top 5 Revenue-Focused Reasons Why a Sales Funnel Catalyzes Business Growth

The marketplace is a cutthroat environment. Every day, you encounter competitors from other companies providing the same service or product as you. To thrive, you must have a formal mechanism for increasing sales in your brand, and to boost sales, you must develop a sales funnel.  A successful business, regardless of size, relies on a

Training – Overhead or Investment?

In today’s competitive environment, organizations are now, more than ever, becoming vigilant regarding expenditures, especially in regard to typical “overhead” items. In the past, it was common practice to have training and development programs be one of the first to fall under the budget ax, with the understanding that such initiatives could easily be integrated

Selling Yourself As A Trainer

Everyone wants to be famous and now it’s easy to be famous, especially when we talk about business. You are an excellent trainer. Yes, you know that and I’m sure you are. But are you sure that everyone else knows it or it is just you? Let’s agree that the only vital factor in promoting

Strengthen Communication Within Your Team and Get Better Results

In your position as team leader the quality of the relationship among your team members is perhaps one of your biggest areas of focus. A unified and communicative team produces the best results, but it’s not always easy to develop a united team. People simply have different beliefs, backgrounds and social skills, all of which

Should You Have A Sales & Marketing Department?

It is common practice for companies to have marketing and sales departments, but it amazes me how the marketing function and department is considered less major to sales and often is combined with a sister department. Some consider the amalgamation a logistics-related cost strategy. While this may be true in some regard, aren’t we unconsciously

The Price Objection: How To Get Over It

As Business Entrepreneurs, many of us are responsible for growing our business. Unless you have hired specifically a seller – you are the seller as well as the Founder. To grow our business we need clients and to get clients, we need to be good at selling, which for most of us can be tough!

Developing Your Organization’s Core Skills

The task of organizational core skill development is a critical component of overall organization strategy and is necessary prior to calculating a comprehensive workforce planning initiative where an inventory is performed regarding current employees and their associated skills, compared to future employee headcount needs and predicted skill requirements. This activity links organizational performance with people