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Are You Really Inspecting What You Are Expecting?

Are You Really Inspecting What You Are Expecting?

You’ve no doubt heard the expression a camel is a horse designed by a committee. It is meant to be critical of committees, but I think it gets at a deeper issue in today’s organizations and the manner in which some leaders operate in terms of setting objectives. They communicate goals in the same vague

Strengthen Communication Within Your Team and Get Better Results

In your position as team leader the quality of the relationship among your team members is perhaps one of your biggest areas of focus. A unified and communicative team produces the best results, but it’s not always easy to develop a united team. People simply have different beliefs, backgrounds and social skills, all of which

Should You Have A Sales & Marketing Department?

It is common practice for companies to have marketing and sales departments, but it amazes me how the marketing function and department is considered less major to sales and often is combined with a sister department. Some consider the amalgamation a logistics-related cost strategy. While this may be true in some regard, aren’t we unconsciously

The Price Objection: How To Get Over It

As Business Entrepreneurs, many of us are responsible for growing our business. Unless you have hired specifically a seller – you are the seller as well as the Founder. To grow our business we need clients and to get clients, we need to be good at selling, which for most of us can be tough!

Developing Your Organization’s Core Skills

The task of organizational core skill development is a critical component of overall organization strategy and is necessary prior to calculating a comprehensive workforce planning initiative where an inventory is performed regarding current employees and their associated skills, compared to future employee headcount needs and predicted skill requirements. This activity links organizational performance with people

Turning Your Workforce Into Superheroes

All organizations want the Superhero employees; however, it is not that simple. Training your workforce to be at their best and achieve both their personal growth goals and the organizational goals requires diligent, deliberate and intentional efforts. And, although many L&D functions follow the ADDIE model (Analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate), or they think

Sales vs Quality: The Eternal and Everlasting Dispute

It is one of the most dramatic but predictable conflicts in today’s companies and enterprises, regardless of whether those companies are product manufacturers/distributors OR service providers. Some scholars go further and call it “Mutual Dislike”, which normally takes place when teams’ objectives collide in different forms. It could also get worse, especially when companies undergo