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Are You Really Inspecting What You Are Expecting?

Are You Really Inspecting What You Are Expecting?

You’ve no doubt heard the expression a camel is a horse designed by a committee. It is meant to be critical of committees, but I think it gets at a deeper issue in today’s organizations and the manner in which some leaders operate in terms of setting objectives. They communicate goals in the same vague

The Coachable Leader

“Wow. How do you know that?” My son looked at me, genuine awe on his little 6-year old face. “I’m a mom. Moms know everything.” I had said it so many times that it just rolled off my tongue after a while. I know everything. My way or the highway. Just do as I say.

The Importance of Confidence

A leader’s top priority is to develop his or her team, clear their path of obstacles and align them with objectives that play to their strengths. One way to tackle all three responsibilities is to focus on developing each team member’s self confidence. Why Confidence Is Particularly Important Self-confidence inspires trust. Trust in turn, increases