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Establishing Yourself As A Trainer

Establishing Yourself As A Trainer

The Middle East is as a melting pot for a wide variety of cultures and nationalities who call the Middle East home. As a result, the competition for those key positions in the corporate arena has been relatively strong – the training arena being no exception. Initially it was believed that to be a Trainer

Training Truths: Challenges and Coaching to Leverage Learning

You need to sustain your market share, increase profits, work smarter and increase corporate social responsibility, as well as be emotionally intelligent. You need employees with the right skills, knowledge and behaviors to communicate effectively with clients, global outlooks, managers who can coach their teams to empower them and leaders with cross-cultural experience. What’s the

Horizontal vs Veritical: The Growth Dilemma of Startups in 2021

Which direction should you scale your startup in 2021 – horizontally or vertically? The months ahead continue to look challenging for companies of all shapes and sizes and across most geographies. The Middle East and North Africa region, too, will continue to grapple with challenges intrinsic to the on-going pandemic situation. Not to forget, the

How the UAE has become a Top Global Destination for Startups

in the interconnected world of ours, creating a business start-up is a brave decision entailing both opportunities and challenges. No wonder businesses look for destinations where there are maximum opportunities and minimum risks. In a world where almost every second country is laying the proverbial red carpet for businesses and is looking to attract investments,

3 Ways to get your Startup out of the Valley of Death

Entrepreneurs are the rock stars of the 21st century. From the early trend setters (Jobs, Gates) to the internet 2.0 superstars (Zuckerberg, Dorsey) and finally to the new kids on the block (Kalanick, Spiegel), society today reveres those who dare to dream bigger and farther than the rest of humanity. Make no mistake – these

Is Age a Determining Factor of Success in the Startup World?

When we say “startup”, the first thing popping into your mind is probably a group of teens sitting in the dormitory planning for the next SpaceX, although surprisingly (or not) most of the successfully transitions from passionate projects to actual money generating giants come from seasoned professionals. Generally, there are two paths to pursue, either