Ten Effective Employee Retention Strategies for Your Growth

In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of today’s business world, retaining skilled and satisfied employees is more critical than ever. Employee turnover not only disrupts the continuity of operations but also incurs significant costs. Surprisingly, many employers neglect to identify and address the happiness and well-being of their staff, which often leads to high turnover […]

Building a Coaching Business: Using NLP Meta Programmes to Motivate Your Coaching Clients. Part 1 – Towards/Away From

In NLP terms, the Meta Programmes are the ways of thinking that motivate us. You will probably know about this from different names and other perspectives in the behavioural and psychometric assessments now used in business. We know that Meta Programmes are not static and can change depending on the circumstances. For example, when someone […]

5 Steps to World Class Customer Service

Every great service organization aims to train associates to develop magic, or as we call it in the hospitality language “WOW” service. Service oriented organizations that are constantly growing, evolving and succeeding are focused not only on the customer service per se, but in creating a culture where associates deliver consistently “wow” service. They realize […]