Founder Interview: Romain Gerardin-Fresse, founder of GFK Strategies

Romain Gerardin-Fresse is a former political and diplomatic advisor, and award-winning CEO and attorney. As Founder and CEO of GFK Conseils-Juridis, he provides intergenerational wealth, estate planning, luxury lifestyle management and investment advisory services to High Net Worth individuals, affluent families, royalty and governments. He established his first office in the UAE in 2019 and has recently been named […]

Company Spotlight: The Wellbeing Sanctuary

Sarmistha Mitra is Founder and CEO of The Wellbeing Sanctuary, a haven dedicated to guiding individuals on transformative journeys towards wellbeing. The center provides an array of holistic healing approaches to restore equilibrium on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels, fostering optimal health through natural means. After entering a new phase of life as a mother […]

Using NLP Meta Programmes to Motivate Your Coaching Clients Part 2

To read part 1 of ‘Using NLP Meta Programmes to Motivate Your Coaching Clients’ click here. The Meta Programme covered in this article is Reactive – Proactive. Imagine each Meta Programmes as a scale, with the most extreme example at each end of the scale. Some people will be extremely ‘proactive’, others extremely ‘reactive’, but many […]