Selling Yourself As A Trainer

Everyone wants to be famous and now it’s easy to be famous, especially when we talk about business.

You are an excellent trainer. Yes, you know that and I’m sure you are. But are you sure that everyone else knows it or it is just you?

Let’s agree that the only vital factor in promoting yourself as a qualified and famous trainer is YOU. Here are some tips that will help you in your journey to fame.

1. Harness Social Media To Your Advantage

To be unique, you should have an added value. Utilize the ‘variability’ in your different social media accounts by categorizing those accounts according to the nature of each one. For instance, keep your Twitter account for the short posts with links to your workshop or speaking engagements, or use it to respond to simple questions posted for you.

For your LinkedIn, put the workshops you have provided before, what the outcomes of them were and for which organizations (if it’s ok to disclose their identity). You can add one or two pictures of the workshop. You know what’s better? Posting a picture of yourself receiving an appreciation certificate or a trophy, with a brief description of what the workshop was for.

Facebook is more commonly used for personal posts, rather than for business. However, you can use it for professional related activities as well, such as thanking your clients and audience for hosting you during a workshop and at the same time mentioning how productive the event was.

On the video sharing site, YouTube, you could provide some of your thoughts or mini lectures about your activities, and then share it on the social media accounts discussed above.

You can use your social media the way you wish of course, but make sure you use it to your advantage. Think out of the box and be creative. Social media gives you the freedom to express yourself while learning from others, most importantly, it represents you.

So what are you waiting for? Share, write, comment, follow and grab peoples’ attention.

2. Stay Humble And Interactive

Accept the feedback given to you by others. Feedback is always constructive so, try to make it work to your advantage.

Ask people their opinion in your posts. When they respond or communicate with you, try to get in touch with them as soon as you can. Don’t forget that they invested their time to get in touch with you. Show them that they’re welcome and they’re adding value to you.

3. Let Your Success Make The Noise

Now, let’s move on to the real world; you will not be able to post a picture of you receiving a trophy or an award if you haven’t got any. Unless you borrowed your colleague’s trophy or you bought one for you to practice an award winning speech in your free time.

Only one action will make the difference – ‘real work’. This is the point when you prove yourself, your skills, your knowledge and your experience.

Now it’s your turn to share with us your thoughts…

Mahmoud Garad is a Business Development Manager and Business Excellence Consultant at International Performance Excellence. He has a broad experience gained by dealing with several clients across the UAE and Middle East. He is also a EFQM certified assessor conducting organizational assessment using the EFQM model, helping create a customer centric organizations and enrich the workforce environment by focusing on the importance of ‘People’ within organizations

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