Marketing Yourself as a Trainer

Marketing has been defined as the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service. However, most people reserve the concept of marketing to primarily just that – products or services. The idea of marketing themselves as a professional in their field is something that takes practise and a lot of conviction.

Trainers, unlike other professionals are very versatile and can accommodate themselves to a variety of subject matter in their scope of knowledge. So…

Step 1: Build and mark you place in your industry

With the age of technology and social media working in our favour, the first step to getting your credentials recognised by any organization is to update your LinkedIn Profile online. This would need to include not just the tasks and responsibilities that you have completed in your career, but also projects undertaken, degrees earned, courses or training attended for self-development, certifications etc.

It would also serve you well to validate your performance with references from colleagues from previous organizations (peers and supervisors). This creates a rounded presentation for employers and possible clients to review.

Simultaneously, ensure that your training portfolio is in place with a list of all the training material developed and designed by yourself over the previous years, supported with the results achieved by the implementation.

Step 2: Believe in yourself

Though this step sounds relatively simple, it is one of the toughest steps to achieve. Putting together concrete proof of the work done in one’s career is easy, however having the confidence to believe in it, isn’t. Many people lose confidence in themselves and their skills as time passes by, with the number of interviews and meetings attended, offers rejected and calls unanswered. However, the trick is not to lose sight of the main goal – acknowledge your skills and find ways and means to enhance them and then sell them.

Some suggestions to enhance your skills and help understand your speciality as a trainer, if you are located in UAE are:

1. Online courses:

Coursera works with universities to make some of their courses available online. The best part – it’s membership is free.

2. Public speaking courses:

‘Toastmasters’ is a place where you develop and grow both personally and professionally. You join a community of learners. .

3. Finding like-minded people:

Another way to enhance skills is to reach out to like minded people through various groups on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

4. Share your work:

SlideShare was founded in October 2006 and acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012. It allows users to easily upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars.

Step 5: Create your portfolio

Just like models and artists have a portfolio that best displays their work for potential clients to view, trainers can create a website. .

Set your pace in motion, ready yourself … and let’s make a sale!

Diahann, author of the e-book “Training the Prism: My Spectracular Journey” has over 7 years of training experience in both India and the UAE. This ranges from Customer Service, Soft Skills, Speech Enhancement, Voice & Accent, Behavioural and Leadership training. As a trainer, her key points of focus are Communication and overall presentation in any situation. Diahann has also worked closely in training content design and development, in addition to mentoring, feedback and coaching.

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