6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need To Start a Blog

When it comes to growing your business as a trainer or speaker, do you prefer to:

Knock on doors? OR Open doors?

I have read many books on launching a speaking and training business that talk about different types of “cold calling” tactics to find new clients.

I was always struggling to apply these tactics, because I couldn’t imagine myself knocking on doors and asking, “Do you need a speaker for your upcoming event?”

I feel this approach is humiliating and sends a message that says, “I don’t have enough business, so please help me pay my bills.”

Some may disagree, but at least this is how I feel.

One day, I decided to partner with a marketing specialist to do the marketing and ‘cold calling’ work on my behalf. And the result was BIG frustration and disappointment.

I was so passionate about my message, and for some reason the marketer couldn’t position me the way I wanted. He took me on a very commercial path, while I wanted to go through a more authentic path. So, we kept arguing, and we never reached an agreement. This case was repeated with several marketers, until one day I decided to be in charge of spreading my message, attracting more clients and growing my business.

But, this time I followed a different tactic… The ‘open doors’ tactic.

I started a BLOG and my main focus was on generating invaluable content for my readers about motivation and success.

These blog posts acted as my sales reps. They distinguished me from other speakers and trainers, because I showed, not just told my value.

Clients can now engage with me and apply some of my free content to witness great results in their lives and businesses. Accordingly, they trust me and the doors to generating more business transactions are wide open. Each piece of content attracts new clients, engages past clients and opens doors for new business opportunities.

Here are 6 reasons why you too should consider blogging as your ultimate marketing tool:

1. Get Noticed

You could be the best trainer or speaker in the world, but if no one knows about you, then it doesn’t matter how good you are!

If you generate really valuable content on your blog, people will share it with their friends and more people will know about you.

Each post will significantly increase your reach and your name will get attention sooner than you expect.

2. Low Marketing Budget

If you don’t have a huge marketing budget to buy ads and run massive marketing campaigns, then blogging is your ultimate solution. With your blog social sharing capabilities, your content has the potential to reach thousands of people for free with one click of a button.

All you need to do is create invaluable content for your readers that will make them look smart when they share your stuff.

3. Build Trust

Nowadays, competition is fierce. When you blog you instantly have an edge over your competition, because you give value first without expecting anything in return.

This shows how credible, passionate and valuable you are. Therefore, you easily earn the trust of your clients and you will better connect with them. When trust enters the game, business transactions can’t become easier.

4. Passive Income

When you blog frequently, you will find yourself writing your dream book one article at a time. One day, you will realize that it is time to put all your writing in a book and sell it either online or in bookstores.

This generates passive income for you. You write the book once and it sells itself 24/7.

Moreover, you will start turning your blog posts into other formats like audio programs, video programs, online coaching programs, etc. This way you generate more income streams using advanced versions of the content you already created.

5. Repeat Business

It’s been said that the easiest sale is made to an existing client. When you blog, you are constantly engaging and connecting with your existing clients and readers. And this will continuously open doors for more repeat business.

6. Authority

When you freely share your knowledge, you prove your credibility and build an authority status. Very few people demonstrate their expertise and are prolific enough. The more you blog, the more you will be perceived as the go-to authority in your industry.

Being prolific in content creation will make you a thought leader in your field.

Blogging had the biggest impact on my speaking business. It helped me get noticed easily, attract new clients and grow my business. And it happens just by sharing my passion with the world one blog post at a time.

I call this passion-based marketing where you let your passion speak for itself and attract the right clients to you.

Are you ready to start your own blog and grow your business now?


Mohamed Tohami is a bestselling author and Egypt’s #1 motivation expert. He is also a professional member of the Global Speakers Federation and the (USA) National Speakers Association, the premier organizations for professional speakers.

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