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6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need To Start a Blog

6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need To Start a Blog

When it comes to growing your business as a trainer or speaker, do you prefer to: Knock on doors? OR Open doors? I have read many books on launching a speaking and training business that talk about different types of “cold calling” tactics to find new clients. I was always struggling to apply these tactics,

Selling Yourself As A Trainer

Everyone wants to be famous and now it’s easy to be famous, especially when we talk about business. You are an excellent trainer. Yes, you know that and I’m sure you are. But are you sure that everyone else knows it or it is just you? Let’s agree that the only vital factor in promoting

What’s Your Training USP?

Most of us know, or can easily identify the basic steps of marketing, regardless of what your product is: Describe your company’s unique selling proposition (USP). Define your target market. Write down the benefits of your products or services. Describe how you will position your products or services. Define your marketing methods. Will you advertise,

How Strategic Alliances are Becoming the NEW Answer to Recession Survival!

One of the fastest growing trends during this recession for businesses is the increasing number of strategic alliances. According to Booz-Allen & Hamilton, strategic alliances are sweeping through nearly every industry and are becoming an essential driver of superior growth. Alliances range in scope from an informal business relationship based on a simple contract, to a joint

How to Use the Internet and Social Media for Business Development

Brick and mortar businesses and online companies want to leverage the internet and social media to drive business for their companies. However, without having a clear and measureable digital marketing strategy, achieving these goals isn’t possible. Whatever the industry your company is working in, you should be interested in setting the following basics to drive