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HR FOCUS: Are You Partnering With Your Business?

HR FOCUS: Are You Partnering With Your Business?

HR is still trying to position its function in the strategic platform and the goal is to become more than just `a supporting function`. HR function’s main goal should be to move business from where it’s today to where it should be, while using its biggest assets PEOPLE! Either you work as a specialist such

Should You Be My Leader?

Leadership and who is the ideal leader has always been a trendy topic and always will be. Countries, organizations and companies will always look for the right leaders or formerly called managers. Thousands of books have been written around the topic, lots of research has been done, days of training have been given and many

How Do You Communicate Better?

 We communicate more but do we communicate better? In today’s world we have increased channels of communication with the extension of social media, digital tools, advanced technology, smart phones etc… But can we still increase the level of our communication? We spend more time on our smart phones, tablets, and laptops and less time talking