How Do You Communicate Better?

 We communicate more but do we communicate better?

In today’s world we have increased channels of communication with the extension of social media, digital tools, advanced technology, smart phones etc… But can we still increase the level of our communication? We spend more time on our smart phones, tablets, and laptops and less time talking to each other. Studies show we spend average 2 hours daily on our smart phones. You can easily confirm that by observing your colleagues, family, friends or just people eating at the restaurant.

In the corporate world we all agree that communication is key for success. No matter which business you are working at or what function you belong to, strong communication skills are needed everywhere.

What makes you a good communicator?

  1. Choose the right channel of communication. Talk face to face where applicable. It always helps!
  2. Get prepared. Make sure you know what you want to highlight and get prepared for difficult questions. Adapt and change whenever needed
  3. Think before you talk. It always helps you to better express yourself
  4. Use body language and watch others
  5.  Right level of eye contact also helps but don’t forget the cultural impact
  6. Smiling is a good communication tool as well
  7. If you chose writing for communication be to the point, clear and careful with what people would understand from your words
  8. Make it personal. Try to avoid any kind of general communications make your message specific to person and the need
  9. Create curiosity like the Dale Carnegie way; `The beauty of curiosity is that it makes you nearly irresistible to everyone around you`
  10.  Listen! Not only to answer but to understand

Unless you are a good listener you can never be a good communicator. “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker.

Putting communication in our training agenda has always been popular but never easy.

To identify the best communication training tools for your organization, start with identifying your company culture. Unless there is a clear culture recognized by all, it’s never easy to agree on right tools, right structure. It has the business, market, geographic culture impact, your people, your customers, your targets etc. The communication culture of Starbucks would probably not fit into Boston Consulting Company’s culture, but both are successful with their own ways. The key is to agree on what you want to share and how you would like to do it. Once the messages are clearer the quality will increase as well as the quantity.

Just keep listening!

Burcu Eren is a Global Talent and Training Manager and a HR professional with over 10 years of Human Resources experience in different HR functions across the Middle East. She has worked with major local companies, global and Fortune 500 companies in Turkey, Italy and Dubai.


The Topic (Better Communication) has always been a swamp of debates. Yet, very few scholars/Authors have touched the core fact of it – Like the Author Burcu: (What exactly should I do when I listen?). The Challenge in the question is to try NOT to think of how to reply when you are listening.
Great Topic

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