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E-Learning Tools for Social Enterprises and the Development Sector

E-Learning Tools for Social Enterprises and the Development Sector

Social entrepreneurs tend to do their work in the most diverse environments, from the slums of Mumbai to suburban London. One thing they all have in common, apart from their strong desire to change the world, is usually access to the internet. Internet has been changing the way we learn and get information on an

Developing Your Core Soft Skills

The world of social business is as competitive as any other field, with newcomers and competitors entering previously unexplored markets at an unprecedented rate. Businesses have realized that in order to become global leaders they need to focus on underserved geographies and demographics, as well as increase their transparency and focus on the triple bottom

Managing People in Intercultural Teams

One of the biggest challenges faced by many businesses, social and commercial alike, is how to successfully manage employees from different cultural backgrounds. Management studies have focused mostly on managing people from similar age groups and the same ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but with the growing number of international companies and longer work lives, those