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On-Boarding – The First Employee Training Initiative

On-Boarding – The First Employee Training Initiative

Employee orientation is certainly not a new concept. Organizations have been using various levels of orientation for many years with varying degrees of success or return on investment. In recent years, orientation has been recognized as a key element in the lifecycle of employees and has been expanded to help bridge the gap between recruitment

Training The Next Generation

The generational diversity that currently exists across today’s active work groups is indeed exceptional. With an increase in life expectancy coupled with economic necessity, our oldest working generations, the ‘Silent Generation’ (1923 to 1944) and the ‘Baby Boomer’ Generation (1945 to 1964) are uniquely positioned to be sharing co-worker relationships with no less than four

Developing Your Organization’s Core Skills

The task of organizational core skill development is a critical component of overall organization strategy and is necessary prior to calculating a comprehensive workforce planning initiative where an inventory is performed regarding current employees and their associated skills, compared to future employee headcount needs and predicted skill requirements. This activity links organizational performance with people

eLearning – A Panacea for Adult Learning Needs?

In many ways, technology advances in the training field have revolutionized the methodology of creating, presenting and evaluating training and development programs. Online learning offers many benefits to both employers and employees, considering factors such as cost, time, convenience, accessibility, and subject matter variety, and enables both a simple delivery system coupled with unfettered geographic

Case Study: Adult Learning

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