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Why Ecommerce Is A Must

Why Ecommerce Is A Must

Covid19 happened and significantly turned 2021 to 2041ish. Expectation for the year that followed 2020 vanished into thin air, replaced with activities and ideology of latter years. Jobs were lost, businesses still face high probability of closure and global economies are faced with fear of the unknown – unlike anything the world has ever known.

The Visionary and Missionary Leader

United Arab Emirates recently celebrated a successful mission to planet Mars. Seeing what the leadership of UAE has achieved with desert to mega-city transformation of their country gives us an idea of what is to follow in the UAE’s extra-terrestrial endeavour. It is common practice for this young country to attribute this mission – a

Should You Have A Sales & Marketing Department?

It is common practice for companies to have marketing and sales departments, but it amazes me how the marketing function and department is considered less major to sales and often is combined with a sister department. Some consider the amalgamation a logistics-related cost strategy. While this may be true in some regard, aren’t we unconsciously

Doing Business in Dubai

Given her incontestable features- which include luxurious tourism, top-notch hospitality and real estate, Dubai takes pride in being the Paris of the Middle East and North Africa. Economically, the city has, over the years, attracted businesses and keeps attracting the best talents from all walks of life. The ongoing pandemic has shown Dubai’s resourcefulness and

Common Entrepreneurship Myths

The definition of entrepreneurship is often misunderstood. It is no wonder there are viral misconceptions of the popular concept of entrepreneurship both in theory and practice. I am almost certain, that a Google search for the definitions of entrepreneurship will always be 50% correct of what it truly represents. Some authors even refer to entrepreneurship