Industry Feature: Mr. Juwan Lee, Chairman & Group CEO, NexChange Group

Tell us about yourself, your background, and your rise to CEO of NexChange Group. I am an entrepreneur, venture builder and investment professional with 30+ years of investment industry experience. I have managed portfolios and organizations on behalf of multi-billion-dollar hedge funds, proprietary trading desks, asset management, venture capital, family office and crypto investment firms. […]

Moderating Technology Within HR Related Functions

THE DILEMMA The meeting room buzzed with sounds of feverish optimism. Recently purchased software to streamline the HR-related functions within the organization was yielding positive results. Everyone grew quiet as the CEO entered the room with the HR Director to address other members of the senior management. The solemn expression on his face foretold the […]

Why Ecommerce Is A Must

Covid19 happened and significantly turned 2021 to 2041ish. Expectation for the year that followed 2020 vanished into thin air, replaced with activities and ideology of latter years. Jobs were lost, businesses still face high probability of closure and global economies are faced with fear of the unknown – unlike anything the world has ever known. […]