Company Spotlight: Olivia Murphy Marketing

Tell us about yourself, your background, and your journey to founding Olivia Murphy Marketing?

I grew up with a passion for communications, media, and marketing, and was fortunate enough to land an Editor and Brand Manager role shortly after graduating from university in London at a newly launched health and wellbeing brand, which ignited my love for the power of Marketing and Mindset and its ability to make or break an entrepreneurs’ success.

Fast forward a whole decade and I have worked with entrepreneurial startups to FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, from growing some of the most esteemed magazine titles such as Esquire, Grazia, and Cosmopolitan Middle East, establishing pioneering start-ups across a plethora of industries, to marketing renowned global brands such as PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, FIVE Hotels & Resorts and more.

My flare for marketing, brand-building, and mindset has seen me take the leap and start my own consultancy and coaching business, Olivia Murphy Marketing; empowering, coaching, and consulting purpose-driven entrepreneurs to grow and achieve their goals with my proven marketing blueprints, to skyrocket my clients to success beyond their wildest dreams.

I am obsessed with how marketing, mindset, and manifestation can quite literally get you everything and anything you want out of life; therefore I am now committed to help ambitious go-getters attract and create a business and life of abundance, success, and freedom, faster and easier than you can imagine.

What is your mission?

I am on a mission to empower and equip entrepreneurs, business owners, and driven individuals with the necessary marketing and mindset tools you need to attract all the success you want in business and in life, easier and quicker than you can ever think possible.

When I spoke to smaller startup brands, I saw the struggle entrepreneurs faced in getting the right marketing advice. Budgets would not stretch for big marketing agencies and hiring a marketing exec or manager required huge overheads and training, as a result, they would try the ‘Spaghetti Strategy’ – throwing unnecessary marketing budgets on a range of things to see which one worked. This is such a waste.

So that’s exactly why I wanted to offer a competitive 1-1 consultancy that can be booked on a project basis, or monthly retainer for ongoing support, as well as downloadable self-paced online marketing courses and programs to give entrepreneurs the right advice, to help them not only save money, but make a ton of revenue as a result, without having to break the bank.

When starting a new business, what are the first steps a new entrepreneur should take?

Assuming that the entrepreneur has conducted extensive market research before launching (a business cannot thrive if there is no demand for the product or service!) it is vital to have a thorough understanding of competitors, their price points, how they sell, their user experience, offer suite…and their brand positioning. It is from this knowledge that a business owner can build a brand that stands apart from all the rest. Entrepreneurs should always put their feet in the shoes of their ideal customer and ask themselves “why would I choose this brand over another?”. Clear communication, magnetic content plus a powerful USP served to your ideal client or customer via only the essential, targeted distribution channels is key – I teach all of this in my online marketing course, Millionaire Magnet, which I am excited to be launching soon.

And of course, above all you MUST have a strong mindset. So many people throw in the towel when things get a little tough, but it’s the failing that proves you are growing – so you must fail and fail again! You must be wholeheartedly committed to achieving success, whatever it takes, and stop at nothing to get there. Anyone can achieve anything if they quite simply put their minds to it.

What are your top tips for lead generation from social media?

Social Media is an excellent way to attract leads to your brand, but a question I get so often is “how do I convert my followers into sales?”. Ultimately the most important thing is to get these leads into your marketing funnel/system, and the best way to do this is with an enticing Lead Magnet. Understand a problem your ideal client is facing, and provide the solution or answer in a free downloadable Lead Magnet (could be an ebook or workbook for example!) and pop this in your social bio. This should be free, so a no brainer for your warm lead to download, however to access it they must provide their email address in return. You have now turned that lead from social media, into a warmer prospect, as they are now within your marketing funnel for you to nurture and upsell your services and products to.

Why is growing your email list/lead generation so important?

Growing your email list is vital – only 3% of leads will purchase a product or service on the spot. The remaining people take time to be convinced that this particular product or service is actually the right decision for them. Once you have the lead in your email list, you can set automated email marketing campaigns to nurture them – get them to understand the brand, understand you, understand your core values, your success stories and testimonials from other clients. Throughout this nurturing process they will get to like, know and trust you, moving them further and further towards deciding to purchase. 

It’s also very important to remember that your email list is owned by YOU. Relying solely on social media is a risky game, as at any time the channel can decide to ban your account, delete your account or suspend you. And then what? All your hard work growing your following is for nothing! 

For entrepreneurs who have a marketing funnel that works and are looking to scale their business, what should they do next?

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Upsell any customer that has bought from you before, to a higher priced product in your offer suite. Position it to them as the logical, no brainer next step for them in their customer journey with you

2. Refine & retarget using effective, efficient digital marketing ads – invest more and more into what works, and see your return skyrocket 

3. Cut the wastage: review the performance of the people working for you, invest in technology that can automate processes and ensure you are always working ON your business, not IN your business

4. Don’t be afraid to increase your pricing! It is very usual for businesses to raise their pricing YOY

5. Money Mindset: remember the worth of your service or product. Consider launching a super high ticket product or service and target high value/ high spending/ loyal customers with this offer. You’ll be surprised how many people will not bat an eyelid at the price, if your marketing in on point (I teach this to all my 1-1 clients) and you’ve been nurturing your database effectively.

What factor do you believe matters the most in the success of an entrepreneur?

I cannot stress enough about how important it is to have the right mindset to ensure you actually achieve your goals. Over the last 10 years working with startups to large consumer brands, I have learned a great deal! You can have all the talent in the world, all the connections in the world, all the capital you need, etc. but if you don’t have the right mindset you will NOT access your fullest potential, nor will you achieve success. 

Mindset will make or break your ability to succeed and access your fullest potential, and it is such a motivator for me to help other success-driven individuals overcome their insecurities, their fears and their self-doubt. I’ve had to work on my imposter syndrome, lack of self-belief and perfectionist tendencies and turn them into positive learning curves; learning to make decisions quickly, not to overthink things, and take calculated risks constantly. 

And of course, at the end of the day, the longer you contemplate starting that business, the more likely you won’t start at all. And the longer you wait, the chances are that someone else less talented than you, will start that business with your exact idea. There is nothing to wait for; just go for it, because, what is the worst that can happen? If you don’t try, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.

The life of an entrepreneur has many highs and lows, what are your top tips for navigating these and keeping yourself on track as an entrepreneur?

Keeping a routine always keeps me on track, motivated, and effective with my time. I like to get up relatively early, get some fresh air and do some form of exercise first thing in the morning to raise my energy levels, and it’s really important to eat healthily with foods that energise, rather than make me feel lethargic. I’m also obsessed with personal development podcasts (right now I chop and change between “Diary of a CEO” by Steven Bartlett, “On Purpose” by Jay Shetty and “The Mel Robbins Podcast”) which motivates me to do better each and every day. 

Personally, I always write a daily to-do list, have a clear plan of action for that day, and always know what I need to have achieved by the end of the day – and included in that to-do list is self-care and downtime with friends and family too! Taking the time to have a bath before bed to encourage a really good sleep is amazing, or discussing over dinner with family about how the day has gone is more beneficial to your mental health than you can possibly imagine.

Something that is vital for a business owner and an entrepreneur is to have a coach or mentor to keep them accountable every single day. Having someone that pushes you to be the best you can be, be the sound board for your worries, stresses and anxieties, and the person to empower you to access your fullest potential, is a game changer. My world changed when I invested in my Millionaire Mentor years back, and now I feel so grateful to be a mentor to others too and see them flourish.

Growth is integral to the life of any business, what growth goals do you have for your business over the next 3 years?

I am so excited to see where my business has taken me in 3 years. I hope to have established a fantastic global network online that enjoy my online digital course offerings, I want to expand my speaking events and workshop arm of the business globally, and can see myself hosting seminars or talks on much bigger stages than I am now. I also want to grow my own team and empower others to coach the material I teach also so that I can reach more and more people with this work – watch this space, OMM Academy in the making! I also have plans to launch my own podcast…there is SO much I want to do in 3 years!

What results can clients expect from working with you?

From a Marketing point of view, I ensure that every 1 dollar you spend, you make 2. It’s really that simple, you have to spend money to make money, and marketing is the vital piece of the puzzle (or the superpower as I like to say!) to drive revenue into your business. I am committed to delivering results time and time again, and that’s reflective in my loyal client base that keep coming back for more. From a Mindset point of view, especially in my 1-1 coaching, it is my mission to work through any limiting belief that might be holding you back, and set actionable goals to accelerate your success easier and quicker than you thought possible. I hand hold through everything and anything, and will stop at nothing to get you the success you not only want, but deserve. 

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