14 Video Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Sales And Business

1) Creating a good corporate video, with uplifting music and basic information is a must for any business or service, regardless of its nature… Period. So don’t wait, have one made.

2) Once a general video about  is completed, a series of smaller videos relating to more specific services and features of your product should be made, educating clients, and speaking in more details about the content which was only mentioned in a general corporate video.

3) People best believe other people. Having good testimonials from happy clients and customers is the BEST way to attract new customers and build brand credibility. The more testimonials the better. Let others speak for you.

4) In every online marketing strategy there are 2 types of videos when it comes to their frequency and content. Both are equally important. The first type is a video that educates, promotes and has a more complex content like corporate video, feature video, etc. The second type is not less important however, it is used to resonate; remind people and is usually more frequently promoted and posted… lets say ideally weekly. It is short and to the point.

5) Without videos to resonate, corporate videos are no good. Their effect fades and is forgotten over time. Resonate videos bring fresh content to people’s social media feeds, constantly reminding them of you.  These can be simple offer videos, tips videos, video blogs.

6) Video is 1000 times more powerful than text, graphics or photos combined. Invest in it. Just making a video means nothing without promoting it. Once a video is made you must invest as much time and money into reaching people with it, otherwise, what is the point in making it if no one knows about it?

7) No advertising campaign makes an instant change or impact. Give it time. Do not expect miracles overnight. Be consistent, promote, advertise and you will see results. Consistency is the key. Post regularly, update regularly, and check your inbox on a daily basis. After watching the videos people will start showing interest and inquire.

8) Do not underestimate the power of whatsapp. The messages reach and alert people directly. Build a database and inform people regularly of new offers with short video clips.

9) Do not forget past customers. People who used your service or bought your product once, and were pleased, are very likely to take it again. Contact them, best by phone, or a call… and remind them of new offers and packages with simple effective videos.

10) Do not advertise cheap prices. Focus on quality and good content and value benefits instead.  Make your video look professional, so it reflects visually what you are offering. Advertising price will attract only people who came just for that reason and will not be loyal to return in the case you choose to make the price higher next time. It is best not to mention pricing in video as you can then re-use it without needing to change it frequently.

11) Use all possible means to post and share videos. Besides paid ads, many others are free. Devote yourself to spending 1 – 2 hours a day on social media searching, networking and exploring advertising channels and means.

12) The video you make is your business card ID in motion. Remember that.  A cheap and badly made video will have a negative impact on your business. Invest in quality. Corporate and service/product advertising videos are not something you make new on a daily or weekly basis. You can use them over and over and reuse them. Invest in them once so they last a long time.

13) Make videos cheerful, bright and feel good. Use vibrant colors, easy going music, big and easily readable text. It is better to give people less they can read and remember than overload them with graphics, and information. Video is meant to be enjoyable.

14) A good quality video will tell people you are ready to invest and you are serious and believe in your work. That will always, among other marketing means, justify your pricing of services and products… etc. See it this way. Going on a business meeting to sign a million dollar deal in a worn out suit, old beat up car, and a 1 BD pen to take notes with. Or coming dressed to impress, in a clean polished car, with an elegant pen to sign the contract. Which one gets the deal? Apply the same principles to video.


Dario Godic is a passionate industry professional working in the field of corporate and music video, with over 15 years experience in USA, Europe and Middle East. Currently residing in UAE, and running a full video production company Omega Film Media, focused on producing high quality videos for business. Always striving for better, pursuing excellence, dedicated and focused, yet humble and approachable, happy to share knowledge and experiences with the community.