3 Personality Flaws that Can Launch Your Entrepreneurial Journey

People who have entrepreneurial potential usually interact with the world in a way that makes those around them annoyed. Sometimes the very thing that annoys people from you is the quality needed for your entrepreneurial success. The following are the 3 most common personality flaws that describe some of the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide. Watch out for them; they might also be your gateway to entrepreneurship.

1-     You cannot fit into any social circle

People may find you aloof and introvert. They may call you arrogant and anti-social. You just don’t feel you belong to any particular gathering. You cherish your alone time and have difficulty finding an environment that is a perfect match to your capabilities and aspirations. The idea of a 9 to 5 job makes you sick to your stomach. You thrive when you are involved in an independent project. Hang in there. This might be just a sign that you will soon venture to create your own environment.

2-     You do things your own way

You always have an opinion about how to improve things. You are capable of quickly finding flaws in a system or a process and your boss complains of your inability to closely follow instructions. The fact of the matter is that you can only follow instructions that make sense to you. Because of that, you have been in constant clashes with your boss who wonders, why don’t you just keep quiet and do whatever you are asked to. If that describes you, you will soon feel increasingly tired of trying to fix others and will decide to show the world your own version of how things should be done.

3-     You get bored easily

This is a very typical entrepreneurial quality. You are restless and want to always experience new things. Repetitive tasks, which others find predictable, safe and comfortable, drive you crazy. You have probably changed jobs more frequent than average just because nothing excites you. Before you know it, your CV will depict you as a job hopper which will make you less attractive to corporate companies over time. That may be great news because it will force you to start your entrepreneurial journey which is more aligned with your nature.