3 Ways To Maximise ROI For Your College Degree

Higher education has perennially been an integral part of professional growth. From acquiring the knowledge to equipping them with updated skills, students have been able to kick-start their career. This break of Covid-19 has only instilled this further. With professionals actively in the lookout to add more skills and certifications to their resume, postgraduate and doctorate programs have seen a massive spike. According to reports circulated in 2020, students declare a 57% rise in job opportunities as they walk out of the university, holding prestigious international degrees.  While many agree that a college degree is a turning point to their careers with universities offering rewarding opportunities, it is pivotal to delve further on methods that will maximize the Return of Investment (ROI) of such qualifications.

This column written by Dr Sanjay Batheja, Co-Founder & Director of Capital University College will explore some ways by which students can make their degrees count and establish themselves as successful industry professionals.

The vicious cycle of debt

The benefits of earning a degree aren’t exaggerated at all. Irrespective of the mode of learning; be it online or from a more conventional means, going back to college has all the potential of impacting one’s career positively. A typical bachelor’s degree holder can expect to earn 66% more in their 40s as compared to those who do not have one. Yet, despite these pros, prospective students second guess the need to enroll in a university as the crippling cost of earning a degree. Around the world, 67% of students are forced to opt for a loan to earn a degree.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If given more perspective, colleges can provide the ROI and it can be fuelled further. One of the ways to do so is by opting for a university that does not have a very high tuition fee. If not, a student take advantage of the scholarships you are eligible for and apply for

financial bursaries. This can dramatically impact your ROI and gives talented students a platform to shine.

Graduate within a shorter duration

While traditionally universities expect students to study with them for a period of four years, pupils need to reconsider this long duration. In most cases, the four years include multiple summer, winter and spring breaks. Explore possibilities with higher education intuitions that will allow one to graduate within a shorter duration. Today, many colleges give pupils the opportunity to skip their breaks and continue their education. This will enable students to expedite their higher education journey and allow them to earn a credibility of being efficient when compared to their batchmates.

Higher preference for larger corporations

Considering today’s economic climate, students are in a hurry to take-up any job, irrespective of their field of interest. Although this may be financially beneficial in the first few months, students will hit a point of redundancy that can make them question their future job prospects. Additionally, larger corporations opt for students who are not just equipped but have the motivation and zest to learn. Hence, students can maximize their ROI by patiently waiting and applying for positions that best suit their skills and associate themselves with firms that are regionally or globally renowned. Meanwhile, they can opt for part-time or freelance work in order to build their portfolio and grow their network.


Dr. Sanjay Batheja has completed his dual master degrees from the top rated University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) in 1998 and has earned a prestigious Masters in Business Administration with a specialisation in Human Resources and a top 10 ranked Masters of Science in Information Systems. He has received his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from a leading Swiss University in 2017. Dr Sanjay Batheja has over 22 years of Educational management experience. He welcomes you to explore your options at  Capital University College.