Abu Dhabi’s sustainability drive supported by The Work Crowd’s launch

The Work Crowd, an on-demand talent platform of expert consultants and freelancers, is playing a crucial role in addressing the global green talent shortage, supporting Abu Dhabi and the UAE in their sustainability initiatives. With the region positioning itself as a hub for sustainable development and green technologies, the demand for professionals with sustainability skills has surged, creating an urgent need for qualified talent.

According to LinkedIn’s The Global Skills Report 2023, green job postings have grown nearly twice as fast as the share of green talent between 2022 and 2023. Despite the increasing demand, the share of talent in the workforce with sustainability skills only grew by a median of 12% during this period, while job postings requiring these skills surged by 22.7%. This shortage highlights the immediate need for organisations to source and retain the right professionals to secure long-term gains in sustainability.

The Work Crowd connects organisations with a network of over 4,500 vetted individuals capable of providing guidance, action, and upskilling in areas related to sustainability, communications, reputation, revenue, and risk. This platform has observed a substantial increase in businesses seeking individuals who can assist in all aspects of ESG, recognizing that sustainability encompasses various facets, from science and regulations to communications and across multiple sectors.

Alice Weightman, CEO of The Work Crowd, emphasised, “In a world where sustainability is no longer a niche concern but a global imperative, the urgency of addressing the green talent gap cannot be understated, and a collective effort from policymakers, businesses, and educational institutions is crucial to bridge this divide. We are delighted to have launched in the region supporting the local thriving communities.”

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has played a pivotal role in this shift towards sustainability. Their Sustainable Finance Forum (ADSFF), which recently hosted its special COP28 edition, is dedicated to increasing the flow of capital into sustainable investments through collaboration. ADGM’s Sustainable Finance Regulatory Framework aims to boost Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s status as a sustainable finance hub and attract investments into climate-transition projects. This framework led to the launch of the world’s first voluntary carbon trading platform, AirCarbon Exchange (ACX), and the pioneering Global Climate Finance Centre (GCFC), which aims to accelerate the development of climate finance frameworks and skills globally.

As Abu Dhabi continues to advance its “green economy,” supporting businesses and talent throughout the sustainable lifecycle is crucial. The global green skills gap underscores the necessity of making it easier for individuals to transition into green jobs and upskill to meet the demands of the rapidly changing landscape.

The Work Crowd’s alignment with Abu Dhabi’s vision for a more conscious and sustainable business landscape has made it a natural talent partner in this endeavour. For more information, visit www.theworkcrowd.ae.

About The Work Crowd: 

The Work Crowd is a dynamic platform facilitating connections between businesses and a global community of expert consultants, mentors, and freelancers. Powered by innovative technology and human intelligence, it assembles one of the industry’s largest communities of on-demand, pre-vetted talent. This award-winning platform fosters growth through collaboration, offering services designed to activate projects and enhance leadership, team knowledge, and key skills. With a unique blend of international talent from the UK, USA, Europe, and the Middle East, The Work Crowd provides businesses with access to skilled individuals across various sectors in critical roles that drive reputation, revenue, and risk management. Trusted by leading businesses, brands, and government departments, The Work Crowd’s talent has been deployed to build agile marketing functions, develop thought leadership content, secure coverage in local and international press, and drive sustainability initiatives. 

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