Ahli Bank concludes “Ahli Supports Your Ambition” initiative

Through a joint effort with the Crown Prince Foundation’s Naua Initiative, Jordan Ahli Bank has launched “Ahli Supports Your Ambition” initiative, which aims to provide assistance and support to the community’s ambitious and struggling youth so that they can support themselves and their families as part of a long-term community sustainability plan.

Jordan Ahli Bank and the “Hands on Hope” Association hope to encourage these young people to enter the workforce and assist them in overcoming any obstacles they may face in their endeavors. The Jordan Ahli Bank has provided all the tools needed to help them grow and prosper as a result of this initiative.

This initiative aims to support and equip these young people at the start of their careers to face the daily challenges of achieving sustainable development on the one hand, and supporting economic and social growth on the other, in order to leave a positive imprint on their lives and the lives of their families.