Ajman Chamber concludes the “Future Foresight Expert” diploma

The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) concluded the “Future Foresight Expert” Diploma that aims to qualify and enable the Ajman Chamber’s employees to use future foresight tools, enhance their abilities to think strategically, draw scenarios, and design methodologies based on creativity, innovation, and AI enablers to improve the workplace and develop services and projects that support the directions and goals of Ajman Chamber and the emirate of Ajman in general and strengthen the emirate’s position on the local, regional, and international business map.

A group of Ajman Chamber employees participated in the “Future Foresight Expert” diploma. The diploma was presented by Mahmoud Akram Rawajba, an expert in innovation strategies and future foresight. The diploma included a number of theoretical lectures and practical workshops for applications and tools for making and foreseeing the future.

The diploma topics included “exploring future skills, forming teams, future drivers, analyzing the level of readiness, designing scenarios and indicators, mechanisms for preparing the future database, assessing the level of digital government capabilities, designing proactive future projects, tools for measuring the maturity of future foresight, designing a roadmap, designing a future projects portfolio, and project marketing plan.

Amal Humaid Al Matrooshi, Director of the Human Resources Department at the Ajman Chamber, stated that the Ajman Chamber is keen to develop the workplace by integrating future foresight methodologies in the system of developing and modernizing services and projects, in order to achieve the strategic goals of Ajman Chamber and provide proactive services that exceed the expectations of its members and enhance their contribution to economic development, in addition to enabling private enterprises to develop their business, supporting their pioneering role in supporting a diversified future economy, and achieving the values of leadership, innovation, proactivity, and focus on the customer.

She explained that the Ajman Chamber aims, through the “Future Foresight Expert” diploma, to equipping its human cadres with tools and enablers for future foresight, enabling them to develop services and projects, analyze future trends and challenges, improve planning and strategic decision-making, promote innovation and development, reduce risks, improve customer experience, raise the level of competitiveness, direct investments more effectively, and build a comprehensive vision for Ajman Chamber, so enabling it to adapt to future changes and take advantage of new opportunities in the future.