Akkrue Capital successfully closed its first round of funding

Akkrue Capital, a non-custodial asset management platform offering a transformational approach to create and execute digital asset strategies across any market chain, successfully concluded its seed funding round in September 2023.  DHF Capital S.A. is a leading Luxembourg based investment management firm, successfully participated in the funding round. DHF Capital S.A. has strategically grown its portfolio company offerings to now include Akkrue Capital.

Bas Kooijman, the CEO of DHF Capital S.A. states the reason behind funding the project: “We are proud to support Akkrue Capital on their journey to success. At DHF Capital S.A. we believe in the power of visionary partnerships and innovative ideas, and Akkrue Capital embodies both. This successful partnership is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and supporting challenger and forward-thinking financial institutions. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Akkrue Capital and anticipate remarkable growth and achievements together.”

Akkrue Capital’s Founder and CEO, Oliver von Wolff, added his insights as to what the next step for the company is: “Having DHF Capital S.A. as our partner is a significant endorsement of Akkrue Capital’s mission in digital finance asset management. Their trust and partnership energize our push into decentralized finance, targeting institutional investors and UHNW individuals. This alliance not only validates our vision but also propels us towards achieving global impact and remarkable milestones in DeFi.”

The capital from this round will be directed towards advancing Akkrue Capital’s innovative financial products and services. Our focus is on providing unparalleled solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses, institutions, banks, and UHNW individuals, simplifying their navigation through the complex and ever-evolving digital asset landscape.”

Akkrue Capital’s technological strength lies in its vault engine, allowing quick development of fully audited, structured financial products across different DeFi protocols with a user-friendly drag and drop interface. The platform’s ‘advisors’, powered by advanced algorithms and AI, manage assets in vaults with diverse, optimized strategies.

The OBEX (Order Balancer & Executioner) is a standout feature, serving as a bridge across the DeFi ecosystem. It optimizes asset movement, boosts transaction efficiency, and cuts costs. This positions Akkrue Capital as a pioneer, seamlessly implementing complex investment strategies across protocols.

The completion of Akkrue Capital’s seed funding round, supported by DHF Capital S.A. marks a significant milestone. Positioned as a pioneer, Akkrue Capital excels in implementing advanced investment strategies across diverse DeFi protocols. As the company embarks on this exciting venture, its attention shifts from mere expansion to the establishment of an enduring legacy within the ever-evolving digital asset management landscape.

About Akkrue Capital:

Akkrue Capital developed and operates a sophisticated and automated digital asset management platform. Designed primarily for financial institutions, fund managers and UHNW individuals, it takes the complexity out of DeFi and provides revolutionary options for no-code automation and optimization of investment strategies and their execution.


About DHF Capital S.A.:

DHF Capital S.A. is a Luxembourg based securitization company offering a suite of financial products and investment solutions catered to an institutional and high-net-worth individual (HNWI) investor base. Our tailor-made products are structured to create a diverse portfolio with exposure to foreign currencies, global equities and precious metals with varying risk and reward characteristics. Our team draws on their deep market insight, financial expertise and AI leading tools to build practical solutions which best suit your financial needs. Our company offices are based in Luxembourg, Netherlands, Lithuania and the U.A.E.