Alma Health becomes the first health tech company in the UAE to receive funding from leading U-based investment firm

Thriving Abu Dhabi based start-up, Alma Health is pleased to announce that it is has recently acquired a six-figure investment of funding from Hambro Perks to further the company’s expansion across the GCC region. Hambro Perks is a UK-based investment firm that focuses on private technology investing and has played a significant role in helping Alma Health develop its services and continue to offer seamless solutions to people with chronic conditions.

The significant funding will allow Alma Health the chance to secure numerous new healthcare licenses across various locations in the GCC, including Dubai and Saudi Arabia for example. Saudi Arabia is a major market for Alma Health as roughly 12 million people are living with at least one chronic condition and the Abu Dhabi based company believes they can play a big role. Alma Health strives to transform the typical healthcare experience for people with chronic conditions. The digital health company provides them with a fully digital experience, from a virtual doctor consultation at the tap of a button, to prescription delivery and ongoing care.

Since its launch in mid 2020, Alma Health has received funding from other distinguished investors including the Oman Technology Fund – Wadian Omani sovereign wealth fund, as well as strategic angel investors from Saudi and the UAE. Alongside its diverse selection of licensed doctors, Alma Health is accredited by a number of reputable insurance providers in the region such as Thiqa, Daman, ANNEX, NAS Neuron and Oman Insurance.

Alma Health is fully licensed by the Emirate’s Department of Health and strives to update its services to ensure a seamless experience for users. The user’s healthcare specialists, insurance providers and Alma Health’s physicians and pharmacists are all connected via the Alma Health Operating System, to ensure every user’s experience is as seamless as possible. The team at Alma Health manage all the hard work to fulfil the needs of users, for example billing the insurance provider, preparing the various medications, and delivering them straight to the user’s door within 24 hours.

Alma Health continues to revolutionise the healthcare industry in the region and looks forward to introducing its phenomenal services and expertise to Saudi Arabia in the coming months, with the help of its investors.

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