ArabiaWeather records 215mln views on its digital platforms from over 10mln users during Q1 2023

“ArabiaWeather” platform, the first in the Arab world, recorded a significant increase in website visits and mobile application usage from various audience segments across the Arab world during the first quarter of this year. The number of views for the platforms reached 215 million views, from around 10 million users.

ArabiaWeather attributed this growth to several factors, including the increased environmental awareness among people about the effects that climate change has on the world as a whole, in addition to people’s desire to know the weather conditions on a daily basis, which has become essential to improving people’s quality of life, helping them plan their daily activities, and maintaining their safety and the safety of their surrounding environment.

Moreover, the technological advancement and the technical solutions adopted by ArabiaWeather have contributed to creating a link between weather data and advertising messages, by targeting consumers based on the massive database owned by ArabiaWeather company,

The company has developed a new advertising technology allowing the message to be adaptable to weather conditions by linking advertisements and messages to expected weather conditions. For example, in case of rain and cold weather, a different advertisement appears compared to the advertisement that appears in warm weather. This is enhanced by local geographical targeting technology, which enables advertisers to advertise their various services extreme focus on geographic coverage (cities, neighborhoods), increasing the effectiveness of the advertisement.

In this regard, Mr. Fares Shaban, the Acting General Manager of ArabiaWeather, said: “Weather has a significant and essential impact on users and consumers, such as the type of clothing, food and beverages, roads and transportation, various outdoor events, and many daily decisions.”

Shaban continued to say: “Knowing the daily weather conditions can help in avoiding accidents and risks resulting from bad weather conditions. Providing accurate information about weather conditions and climate changes has enhanced ArabiaWeather’s position as a reliable provider and a primary reference for everything related to weather and climate in the Arab world.”

On the other hand, ArabiaWeather announced the signing of an “Advertising Agency” agreement with Advert On Click, under which the latter markets and promotes advertising spaces and opportunities owned by ArabiaWeather platforms online and on mobiles in the GCC.

Advert On Click will allow advertisers to take advantage of the large reach of ArabiaWeather platforms and marketing opportunities, by adapting suitable advertising and marketing campaigns for these brands using innovative and effective digital methods.

Fares Shaban confirmed that digital advertising in the Arab region is witnessing significant growth, given the high rates of internet and smartphone usage and digital technology in general. Digital marketing and advertising companies are among the fastest-growing companies in the region, and specialized studies have indicated that the size of the digital advertising market in the Arab region is around $3.5 billion annually, and is expected to double in size in the coming years. Modern technology, big data, and artificial intelligence, have contributed to enhancing the mechanism of digital advertising and marketing, particularly in terms of targeting the intended audience and delivering advertising messages more effectively.