Ariston Middle East wins International Business Excellence award

Ariston Middle East won the silver award at the 2021 International Business Excellence awards in the Best Sustainability initiative category. The project they submitted was their work at the Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion where they executed a water heating solution reducing energy consumption dramatically. The project reflected the vision of the global market leader in water heating solutions, ‘Sustainable comfort for everyone ’. The case study on the water heating solution at Dubai Expo 2020’s Sustainability pavilion highlighted Ariston Middle East’s innovation, creativity, management style and capability to overcome challenges, winning them second place in the Best Sustainability initiative category.

“We are proud of the hot water solution provided by Ariston Middle East at the Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion and pleased with this recognition by the IBXA judges panel. As we said in our presentation at the IBXA awards, we are aligned with the UAE 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. At the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, the UAE pledged to ‘leave no one behind’ and ‘shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path ’. Ariston Middle East as Corporate citizens of the country is happy to contribute to this goal.” Said Alberto Torner,Head of Ariston Group in the Middle East, Turkey and Caucasus.   

“Our innovative water heating solution at Expo 2020 solution employs a hybrid model leveraging the natural resources of sunshine and air to reduce energy consumption. This model has been utilized in many of the commercial and residential projects we have executed around the MENA region.” He added

The International Business Excellence (IBXA) Awards are a flagship event of ‘Awards International’, the world’s premier awards event organization. With offices in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Serbia, the company hosts award events in various locations including London, Amsterdam, Belgrade and Dubai.

The criteria for selecting the winner involved the strategic outlook of participants, their business models, tactics to implement and overcome challenges and the business benefits of pursuing a sustainability focus apart from the excellence of the project executed.

“We were impressed with the Sustainability outlook of Ariston Middle East. Their Expo 2020 Sustainability project showcased Ariston Middle East’s sustainability perspective and how it is an innate part of their offering to all their customers – commercial and residential.” Milan Nikolic, Consultant, Senior Awards International commented.

“The competition was formidable, and we were impressed by many of the entries from leading multinational companies in the region and around the world. We are pleased to join an eminent group of national and international players showcasing their work at the IBXA. As the global market leader in water heating solutions, we are pleased to take the lead in offering sustainable solutions and to be recognized for our contribution in this area. “Torner said.