Essam Mitwally

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Dr. Essam Mitwally is a Life-Senior-Member-IEEE, with PhD from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. He is the founder of AiTech4U (Artificial Intelligence Technology for You). AiTech4U is a startup at Dtec in Dubai and SRTIP in Sharjah, aiming to facilitate “mature” “trusted” Ai-based Products to empower Organizations and People in the region for effective performance, convenience, and safety. Before AiTech4U, he was the Dubai-based Director of the Silicon-Valley startup “Quanergy”, driving the use of LiDAR sensors in Ai applications like Autonomous Cars and Automated Security. He was also a senior consultant for Akhet-Consulting in Dubai. Previously, he worked at STC Engineering, Operations and Regulations, and he was the cofounder of STC R&D Department. As Chief-Engineering Switching-Design at Bell Canada International and STC, he was key for the introduction of several networks/services. He published many conference papers and magazine articles and conducted numerous training workshops. He chaired conferences and moderated sessions.