Ibrahim Abudyak

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Ibrahim Abudyak is a serial entrepreneur, strategist and growth hacker. He excels at creating systems and processes, which guarantee businesses to thrive and operate at maximum profitability and customers’ engagement. Ibrahim is the CEO & co-founder of Middle East’s ultimate de-stress destination, The Smash Room, and has been managing operations since its birth in 2018. Having quit the corporate world after over 8 years of solid experience in sales, marketing, operations, CRM, customer service, and business development and management, he serves as a consultant and business coach for a number of businesses and individuals, especially in the automotive industry and start-ups ecosystem. Ibrahim has a strong passion for entrepreneurship and startups. He helps translate ideas into living businesses. He founded Ibrahim Abudyak Business Coaching to apply whatever he has learned in his extensive experience to others and help them find and unlock their true potential to get things done the right way. Ibrahim’s work has been featured in a number of local, regional and international media and entrepreneurial authorities across the globe. Ibrahim enjoys building projects, systems and companies from scratch and going through the thrill of a new venture whilst leading them to thrive and grow at the same time.