Margaret Pinto

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Margaret Pinto is cheering everyone and motivating people with her videos on Instagram every single day. A busy mum who is hustling with day to day life, side business, 2 little ones with homeschooling and house work, yes it’s true that this seems to be everyone’s day to day duty and life now. So what sets her apart from the rest? It’s her consistency and dedication. She has her influence on Facebook and Youtube and is growing each day. If you see her videos especially Chicken Tikka Masala, you can see the view count and know how popular her recipe is. The special thing about her recipes are that, they are all passed down by her dad who is a chef, but she tries and makes it healthy to eat restaurant style. She successfully published her first book during Christmas and is now raising funds towards her business, where her dream is to hire many women who have lost their jobs. Her dream is to create a sustainable business which will last for a long time and will help create jobs. Her vision is that “Everyone must eat and hence learn to cook”. She is also a designer, singer and content creator.