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Motivating Your Employees

Motivating Your Employees

All managers, team leaders and supervisors know that the most difficult time consuming task they have is to motivate their staff. We all apply different motivation techniques and theories. Allow me to list the most common ones for those who don’t know them: 1-Job Design: A-Job Simplification. B-Job Enlargement. C-Job Rotation. D-Job Enrichment. 2-Rewards. 3-Employee

Why Human Resources fail in Startups

Yes, HR fails many times in the startup industry, that’s no surprise. But why does it fail in startups and succeed in companies or corporates? Before all that let’s take a journey back in time to the 18th century, when HR emerged during the industrial revolution it simply focused that people are the success of

Embracing Change

Change, the magic word that once heard all leaders hearts tremble in terror. We as humans are always afraid of change. Why change something that we know and have mastered? So imagine when you have to implement change into a whole cooperate in order to survive the rapid market growth! I will not be telling

In-House Training Or Outsource?

Almost all companies need to have their employees trained, starting from orientation training to advanced training, recurrent training, on the job training and classroom training. But should your company build its own training department or rely on external training providers? Most CEO’s or business owners look at this matter from a financial view only. This

Managers vs Leaders

As CEO’s we all have heard that leaders are better than managers or at least have wondered be a manager or be a leader! This issue has been a debate for a long time among management professionals and there has not been a winner for either managers or leaders. Forget about all the flashy complicated