Naheed Khan

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Naheed Khan is a renowned Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and Transformation Mindset expert, based in the UAE. An ex- consultant to the Government of India and a transformational leader with 17+ years of experience as a Change Catalyst, Naheed Khan has been supporting business leaders and organisations with success strategies by optimizing their most significant asset “the human mind”. She is widely acclaimed as a transformational business and leadership consultant, who believes in bringing out a paradigm shift in the mindset, leading to internal positive change. Tapping into the power of the mind, she develops personal leadership and creates the roadmap for professional excellence. Naheed Khan has extensively worked with corporates and leaders spanning 9 countries and has successfully designed programs to cater to the specific goals of the clients. She has helped executives align their mindset, expectations and performance to stand unto the challenge of becoming Future Leaders. Her transformational initiatives has led her organization “Futurwits” to be awarded the prestigious “Best Professional Coaching and Development company- Middle East” award in 2020, and the “Transformational Expert in Learning and Development – Middle East” 2021.