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The Evolution of Distance Education

The Evolution of Distance Education

Distance education is not identical to face-to-face education, but it can be equivalent. To prove this point, consider a circle and a square. They cannot be identical, but if they have the same area, they will be geometrically equivalent. Online and face-to-face education have the same learning outcomes and provide equivalent learning experiences to meet

Resistance to Change – The Triple E Strategy

New developments in educational technology and increasingly sophisticated learning technologies are beginning to have a major impact on multi-national organizations. It is clear that local organizations need to change to accommodate the impact of technology on learning. Learning Technology has a main challenge which is “resistance to change”. While technology brings change, individuals and societies

BYOD to Training

According to eMarketer, around 92% of mobile Internet users in the Middle East have at least finished high school. They are in love with their mobile devices/tablets and would like to carry them to their corporate training sessions. Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) to training is tempting, but the risks can be high. Organizations must