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Your 5 Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence

Your 5 Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence? The ability to understand, express, predict and influence the emotional behavior of yourself and others is Emotional Intelligence. “Emotions” & “Intelligence”, these two words pose the same question in my mind as what came first, the egg or the chicken. Humans being more intelligent have emotions more complex than animals. There

Managing Time

Time Management is a term often associated with being more productive and efficient, achieving more during the day and avoiding wasting time on non-productive activities. Let’s talk about managing time from a larger perspective; from the perspective of our whole lives or what’s left of it. Each one of us is born with an unknown

Johari Window – Open Your Blinds!

The Johari window is one of the best tools for self-awareness and personal development when it comes to soft skills. The technique created by Joesph Luft and Harrington Ingham helps in understanding relationships, levels of trust, sharing and communication. The window consists of 4 Areas. Open Area: – This area represents the information about you which