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70:20:10 – The Learning Paradigm for Today’s Workplace

70:20:10 – The Learning Paradigm for Today’s Workplace

In today’s workplace, most of the information that we need to perform our roles on a day-to-day basis is unstructured and continuously changing. The information transferred through traditional training interventions, prevalent in most of our organizations, will often be out-of-date by the time we need to use it. In fact, research indicates that we learn

Leadership Development ROI

Why measure leadership development? Leadership development maturity is characterized by an organizational mindset of employees as corporate assets, with clearly defined future focused development processes and competencies. A consistent level of involvement of business leaders to embrace the initiative and support in taking into account the organization’s leadership needs, makes it an integrated leadership development

Leadership Development: Inherent and Intuition?

Why leadership development… Improving leadership development programs, growing talent internally and enhancing effectiveness of the senior management team are some of the top challenges on the minds of CEO’s, alongside business growth. We need great leaders to shape and sustain our organizations and to mould our future leaders. We need leaders leading with a winning

Well Planned Is Half Done

A well created ‘project plan’ is crucial to successfully managing and controlling a WLP project. Building a project from a project charter requires collecting more information, analyzing and refining to arrive at a further well-defined scope for the project (project scope statement). Breaking it down… We itemize the work involved in delivering the scope (deliverables)