“Bahrain Health Matters” portal goes live

“Bahrain Health Matters” a dedicated online platform to inform the residents and citizens of Bahrain about issues surrounding health  is now  live.

“Health Matters is part of our general commitment to the promotion of health and wellness in Bahrain and across the GCC. We are all aware of the impact of health to the quality of life; but we should also pay equal attention to wellness and sickness prevention through lifestyle choices. Health Matters is committed to bring this awareness to the community.” says Jubran Abdulrahman, Managing Director of HCE the company behind the not-for-profit initiative.

BahrainHealthMatters.com will be a hub for information on a variety of health issues. The online presence through the website and social media handles will feature daily news updates and educational content. The Library features professional peer reviewed articles sourced from international authorities providing ease of access for medical practitioners.

This ambitious site will also look to cater to Bahrain’s medical community through the Academy which will organize health workshops and talks by medical professionals. The Academy will be delivered in collaboration with our training partners Health Capita.

The health and wellness campaign focuses on nurturing public awareness on topics related to leading a healthy lifestyle and includes a variety of issues that range from medical, cosmetic, nutrition, exercise and alternative therapies.

Ahmed Suleiman, Project Director adds “Health Matters will be a year-round engagement of virtual and physical elements promoting health and wellness. Our campaign is supplemented by a diverse social media presence that delivers the headlines and breaking news with links to full articles on the website. BahrainHealthMatters.com is for informative purposes only and not a substitute for professional in person expertise and we would urge anyone having concerns about their health to consult their doctor.”

The “Health Matters” campaign also carries the support of the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA).