BecureGlobal and Diginova signed MoU for sales partnership

Becure Global offers both the treatment efficiency and the process to have more fun with the software designed for physiotherapy treatments of all ages. While the software regularly records the progress of the treatment process, physiotherapeutic movements can also be performed via virtual reality games.

Diginova aims to reach more clinics offering physiotherapy services with the sales partnership it has signed with Becure in the regiona of Arab Gulf region.

Becure GmbH

Becure GmbH provides physical therapy and rehabilitation software (assessment software and games) for balance, lower/upper extremity and hand which is also referred to as “Gamification” or “Virtual Rehabilitation Applications”:

  • They are games that are accessible and affordable.
  • They engage the patients for long periods of time by converting the classical rehabilitation exercises into fun.

The results obtained are:

  • Improvement in the adherence of the patient.
  • Better performance of therapy.
  • Increase in the possibility of successful recovery.


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It aims to improve outcomes by educating people on diseases before they become patients through the execution of digitally enabled solutions that move healthcare from the hospital into the home, helping vulnerable groups to live better life.

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